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Featuring a lubricant contained within the bearing walls, self-lubricating plain bearings are used in applications where excessive friction is a concern. Able to operate under extreme hot and cold temperatures, self-lubricating bearings have a high load capacity and can be used with rotational, oscillatory, and axial sliding motions. Types of self-lubricating bearings include a plastic bearing, which features lubricant molded into the bearing. A sintered metal bearing, which has porous walls that draw oil in via capillary action, is also a type of self-lubricating bearing. Other self-lubricating bearing types include oilite bearings.

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  • RBC Bearings

    RBC's Fiberglide self lubricating bearings come in many types, including journal type with coiled steel backing, journal type with thin walled steel backing, journal type with heavy walled steel backing, metric sized journal type with coiled steel backing, non- metallic journal liner type, thrust washers with steel backing, non-metallic thrust washers, thrust packs, and sealed journal bearings.

  • Radial Bearing Corp.

    Radial Bearing Corporation provides self lubricating rod end and spherical bearings. They also offer self lubricating Teflon (PTFE) fabric liners designed to eliminate the need for re-lubrication or grease in a range of temperatures from-65 F to 300 F. In applications involving high loading, high vibration, or high surface speeds, Radial Bearing Corp. can design product to meet your specifications.

  • Spadone Alfa

    Spadone Alfa produces a line of self lubricated bronze bearings with high load and high speed capabilities, and a medium to high temperature rating up to 600°F. These bearings are composed of a variety of bronze alloys such as aluminum bronze, bearing bronze and manganese bronze, and are used when standard lubrication is impractical. Spadone Alfa self lubricating bearings are also compatible with other lubricants, oil and grease.