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Featuring a lubricant contained within the bearing walls, self-lubricating plain bearings are used in applications where excessive friction is a concern. Able to operate under extreme hot and cold temperatures, self-lubricating bearings have a high load capacity and can be used with rotational, oscillatory, and axial sliding motions. Types of self-lubricating bearings include a plastic bearing, which features lubricant molded into the bearing. A sintered metal bearing, which has porous walls that draw oil in via capillary action, is also a type of self-lubricating bearing. Other self-lubricating bearing types include oilite bearings.

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  • Oiles America Corporation

    Oiles is a supplier of industrial bearings, including metallic and non-metallic self lubricated bearings. Oiles 500 Series metallic self lubricating bearings incorporate high quality copper alloy based metals with solid lubricant plugs for lubrication free service. The 500 series bearings provide extreme temperature limits and high load capacity performance. The 500 AB Series performs well under sea water. The 500 L Series uses lithium based grease in dry applications. Oiles non-metallic self lubricating bearings are made of high performance plastic material, available in flanged straight bore bushing and thrust washer styles, and offer a broad temperature range from low to high temperature. These bearing types use uniformly dispersed lubricants and are designed for applications where no lubrication is possible.

  • Accro-Seal, A Kalpas Co.

    Accroseal features their Accrolon non-metallic self lubricating bearings that offer high continuous service temperature, self lubrication properties, are made of high performance materials, and can replace Babbitt, bronze and Gatke bearings. Applications include thrust washers, sleeve bearings, bushings, and pillow blocks. Industries served include waste water.