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Featuring a lubricant contained within the bearing walls, self-lubricating plain bearings are used in applications where excessive friction is a concern. Able to operate under extreme hot and cold temperatures, self-lubricating bearings have a high load capacity and can be used with rotational, oscillatory, and axial sliding motions. Types of self-lubricating bearings include a plastic bearing, which features lubricant molded into the bearing. A sintered metal bearing, which has porous walls that draw oil in via capillary action, is also a type of self-lubricating bearing. Other self-lubricating bearing types include oilite bearings.

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  • U.S. Bronze-Lubrite Technologies, Inc.

    Lubrite Technologies provides self lubricated bearings that do not require any extra lubrication. A Lubrite bearing system is made of the bearing substrate and the lubricant. The lubricants are dry, solid and permanent. Lubrite Technologies has the capacity to manufacture self lubricating bearings as large as 30,000 lbs. Lubrite bearings feature complete self lubrication, elimination of supplementary lubrication, high and low temperature operation, and choice of lubricant and bearing materials for hostile environments.

  • Beemer Precision Inc.

    Oilite is the trademark name for Beemer Precision's line of self lubricating bearings. Oilite Non-Tox bearings are self lubricating, oil impregnated sintered bronze. Oilite Non-Tox M Series are a metric series of of the same bearings. Oilite Plus are self lubricating sintered bronze bearings that are impregnated with a higher temperature lubricant. Excelite-TX are self lubricated iron/copper bearings impregnated with an extreme pressure lubricant. Beemer also offers other oil impregnated self lubricated and custom bearings in non-standard sizes.