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A type of plain bearing used to reduce friction and increase spin time, sleeve bearings consist of a plastic sleeve that revolves around a metal axle. Sleeve bearings are made of compressed powdered metal - such as bronze or copper - and are found in automobiles, home appliances, fans and office machinery. Bronze sleeve bearings are considered the most widely used sleeve bearing type, and can operate over a wider range of PV valves when compared to other bearing types. While they are self-lubricating, sleeve bearings are often shielded from dust and dirt by applying seals.

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  • PBC Linear, A Pacific Bearing Co.

    The Pacific Bearing Company high precision linear sleeve bearings offer accurate linear motion for extreme applications. Wide range of temperature tolerance; shock, wear, vibration resistance; high speed and load capacities; inch and metric sizes; plain or flanged configurations. PBC Linear also offers Simplicity precision sleeve bearings.

  • QBC - Quality Bearings

    QBC offers plain lined sleeve bearings as well as flanged lined, ultra precision plain sleeve, ultra precision flanged, sintered plain, sintered flanged, non-metallic plain/flanged sleeve, teflon plain and flanged sleeve bearings.

  • Bunting Bearings

    Bunting is a manufacturer of cast materials and bearings for a wide variety of applications. Sleeve bearings offered include both plain and flanged models in standard and metric sizes constructed of materials such as bronze, copper-iron alloys and proprietary metal compounds.

  • American Sleeve Bearings (ASB)

    ASB is a supplier/manufacturer of sleeve bearings. Offerings include cast bronze standards, P/M bronze standards, standard metric bushings, self-lubricating oil-less, PTFE lined, rolled, plastic PTFE bushings, cast iron bushings, manganese bronze/aluminum bronze, and graphited bronze bearings and plates.

  • Lufkin Industries, Inc.

    Lufkin offers a variety of sleeve bearings. The elliptical bearing is multi-lobe with two pads, 50% offset with both pads containing the same preload. Multi-lobe bearings typically have two to four axial oil feed grooves with two to four pads. The classical pressure dam bearing has two axial oil feed grooves and two pads.

  • Rexnord Industries

    Rexnord Industries offers sleeve bearings in pillow block units, flange block units, take-up assemblies, and take-up frames. Rex offers hundreds of these bearing types and allows one to compare any one type with another, side by side. Rexnord also allows the user to search using many different parameters, such as shaft diameter, base to centerline height, bolt hole spacing, joint type, mounting pad length, ability to relubricate, and so many more.

  • GGB N. A.

    GGB offers sleeve bearings in a variety of materials, including metal-polymer (PTFE-based or thermoplastic based), solid polymer (processed by injection molding), fiber-reinforced plastic composite (filament-wound, fiberglass-impregnated, epoxy backing), bi-metallic (for lubricated applications), mono-metallic (oil-impregnated sintered bronze and solid bronze), and other materials.

  • Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

    Saint Gobain's NORGLIDE sleeve bearings are self-lubricating, lead free, plain bearings custom manufactured to lower friction. These sleeve bearings come with a flexible tape or metallic backing. Using a wear resistant PTFE with the appropriate fillers gives the material specific properties, altering its strength and coefficient of friction for different applications.

  • National Bronze

    National Bronze Manufacturing offers standard, custom, and sintered bronze bushings, available in either grooved or plain bore style. Other parts produced include brass (or bronze) gear blanks, bowl bushings, metric bushings, and leaf spring bronze bushings.

  • Atlas Bronze

    Atlas is both a distributor and a manufacturer of cast bronze bushings and sleeve bearings. Products are made from Copper Alloy Number 932 -- Cast Bearing Bronze, SAE 660. Offerings include oil grooved, grease grooved, and graphite plugged bearings for a variety of applications.

  • Monarch Bearing Co., Inc.

    Monarch offers sleeve bearings in aluminum bronze, solid bronze, sintered bronze, babbitt, machined, electric motor, graphited, oil impregnated, non-metalic, rod ends, spherical bushings, powdered iron, and wear plate types.

  • Bushings, Inc.

    Bushings Inc. offers sleeve bearings and pillow blocks, that are insulated with Neoprene, to accommodate shaft misalignment and provide extremely quiet operation. These products require no line reaming and self-lubricate constantly.

  • Climax Metal Products Company

    Climax offers bronze sleeve bearings that are self-oiling and designed for motors, pulleys, replacements, repair jobs and bore reducers. The temperature range is -5° to 220° F. Inner diameters range from 1/4" to 3/4". Outer diameters range from 5/16" to 1". Lengths range from 3/4" to 1 7/8".