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A type of plain bearing used to reduce friction and increase spin time, sleeve bearings consist of a plastic sleeve that revolves around a metal axle. Sleeve bearings are made of compressed powdered metal - such as bronze or copper - and are found in automobiles, home appliances, fans and office machinery. Bronze sleeve bearings are considered the most widely used sleeve bearing type, and can operate over a wider range of PV valves when compared to other bearing types. While they are self-lubricating, sleeve bearings are often shielded from dust and dirt by applying seals.

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  • GGB N. A.

    GGB offers sleeve bearings in a variety of materials, including metal-polymer (PTFE-based or thermoplastic based), solid polymer (processed by injection molding), fiber-reinforced plastic composite (filament-wound, fiberglass-impregnated, epoxy backing), bi-metallic (for lubricated applications), mono-metallic (oil-impregnated sintered bronze and solid bronze), and other materials.

  • Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

    Saint Gobain's NORGLIDE sleeve bearings are self-lubricating, lead free, plain bearings custom manufactured to lower friction. These sleeve bearings come with a flexible tape or metallic backing. Using a wear resistant PTFE with the appropriate fillers gives the material specific properties, altering its strength and coefficient of friction for different applications.

  • Atlas Bronze

    Atlas is both a distributor and a manufacturer of cast bronze bushings and sleeve bearings. Products are made from Copper Alloy Number 932 -- Cast Bearing Bronze, SAE 660. Offerings include oil grooved, grease grooved, and graphite plugged bearings for a variety of applications.