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A type of plain bearing used to reduce friction and increase spin time, sleeve bearings consist of a plastic sleeve that revolves around a metal axle. Sleeve bearings are made of compressed powdered metal - such as bronze or copper - and are found in automobiles, home appliances, fans and office machinery. Bronze sleeve bearings are considered the most widely used sleeve bearing type, and can operate over a wider range of PV valves when compared to other bearing types. While they are self-lubricating, sleeve bearings are often shielded from dust and dirt by applying seals.

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  • Lufkin Industries, Inc.

    Lufkin offers a variety of sleeve bearings. The elliptical bearing is multi-lobe with two pads, 50% offset with both pads containing the same preload. Multi-lobe bearings typically have two to four axial oil feed grooves with two to four pads. The classical pressure dam bearing has two axial oil feed grooves and two pads.