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A type of plain bearing used to reduce friction and increase spin time, sleeve bearings consist of a plastic sleeve that revolves around a metal axle. Sleeve bearings are made of compressed powdered metal - such as bronze or copper - and are found in automobiles, home appliances, fans and office machinery. Bronze sleeve bearings are considered the most widely used sleeve bearing type, and can operate over a wider range of PV valves when compared to other bearing types. While they are self-lubricating, sleeve bearings are often shielded from dust and dirt by applying seals.

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  • Rexnord Industries

    Rexnord Industries offers sleeve bearings in pillow block units, flange block units, take-up assemblies, and take-up frames. Rex offers hundreds of these bearing types and allows one to compare any one type with another, side by side. Rexnord also allows the user to search using many different parameters, such as shaft diameter, base to centerline height, bolt hole spacing, joint type, mounting pad length, ability to relubricate, and so many more.