Bearings • Slewing Bearings

Rotational rolling-element bearings used to support a heavy but slow-turning load in applications such as heavy machinery and windmills.

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  • Gear Products Inc

    Gear Products Inc. manufactures 10 series of slewing ring bearings that weigh between 52 lbs and 1,785 lbs., and are found in crane, energy, forestry, marine, mining and construction, towing and recovery, and utility applications. The slewing bearings feature 52, 84, 69, 101, 107, 125, 139, and 185 internal gear teeth. The bending moment capacities of each bearing include: 55,000 ft-lbs, 51,500 ft-lbs, 37,800 ft-lbs, 95,000 ft-lbs, 261,300 ft-lbs, more than 1.4 million ft-lbs, 77,800 ft-lbs, 242,900 ft-lbs, 700,000 ft-lbs, and more than 2.2 million ft-lbs.