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Designed to provide moving parts free motion in one dimension. Slide bearings come in a variety of ball bearing and roller configurations.

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  • JVI Inc.

    JVI Inc. manufactures slide bearings used in the construction of bridges, sports arenas, parking decks, high rises, civic centers, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, warehouses, office buildings and pipelines. The bearings are composed of virgin Teflon sheet and meet current AASHTO specifications. Other features of the bearings include: low coefficient of friction, high load capacity, and maintenance free.

  • Voss Engineering, Inc.

    Voss Engineering Inc. manufactures slide bearings that feature a maximum allowable design load of 2000 psi, and frictional values ranging from 9 percent at a compressive load of 500 psi to a 6 percent coefficient of friction at 2000 psi. The bearings consist of a 3/32" thick glass-filled PTFE laminated to a steel plate.