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  • Con-Serv, Inc.

    Con-Serv Inc. manufactures high load Teflon slide bearing that feature slide surface thickness of 20 GA and stainless steel slide surface material for major pipeline, bridge, building and industrial applications. The bearings allow a designer high pressure allowable loads at design temperatures up to 500 F. The company also produces Teflon slide bearing that handle compressive load of 75 psi to 2000 psi or 2000 psi to 4000 psi. These bearings also feature tensile strength of 2200 psi or 3300 psi.

  • Seismic Energy Products

    Seismic Energy Products distributes Fluorogold-brand structural PTFE slide bearings that can handle compressive loads of 75 psi to 200 psi. Able to absorb dirt and grit, the bearings feature a temperature range of -320 F to 400 F.

  • Voss Engineering, Inc.

    Voss Enginering Inc. designs slide bearings that consist of 3/32" thick glass-filled PTFE. These Teflon bearings feature a maximum allowable design load of 2000 psi, and frictional values ranging from 9 percent at compressive load of 500 psi to 6 percent coefficient of friction at 2000 psi. The bearings are not designed to handle any non-uniform load conditions.

  • JVI Inc.

    JVI Inc.-brand Teflon slide bearings are designed for commercial structures that require long spans uninterrupted by columns or posts. Typical bearing applications include construction of bridges, parking decks, sports arenas, civic centers, high rises, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, office building, warehouses, and pipelines.

  • RBC Lubron Bearing Systems

    RBC Lubron Bearing Systems manufactures PTFE slide bearings for applications with operating loads up to 2000 psi. Available as reinforced bearings with up to 25 percent glass fillers for higher loads, the bearings are used in architectural, industrial, infrastructure, and power generation applications. Slide bearing types include expansion bearing plates, radial bearings plates, and spherical bearing plates.