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Spherical bearings are self-aligning bearings designed to manage high radial loads when misalignment, poor lubrication, contamination, extreme speeds or critical application stresses are present. The bearings are able to handle high loads because they utilize two rows of rollers that are thicker in the middle and thinner at the ends. The bearings also have higher friction than a comparable ball bearing, as different parts of the spherical rollers run at different speeds. Spherical roller bearings can feature brass cage or steel cage, and can be window type or finger type. Some can also handle axial loads.

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  • POBCO, Inc.

    Pobco is a manufacturer of self aligning spherical bearings that are used for new installations or as replacements for other spherical bearings, including plastic, wood, carbon, bronze or ball bearing types. Pobco spherical bearings are metal mounted. They also offer shoulder relief spherical bearings available in a variety of plastic materials, including high temperature Teflon, nylon, lube-filled nylon, Rulon, high temperature UHMW and others.