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Teflon sealed bearings are frequently used in aircraft and aerospace applications.

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  • Oiles America Corporation

    Oiles America Corporation manufactures self-lubricating PTFE filament winding bearings that feature resin or metal as backing material. Teflon types are able to handle atmospheric air, bushing, and shaft rotation application conditions. They feature a service temperature range of -40 to 120C with maximum allowable contact pressure of 100 N/mm2.

  • Con-Serv, Inc.

    Con-Serv Inc. manufactures PTFE elastomeric bearings that provide structural support in bridges, commercial and industrial buildings, petrochemical, and power plant applications. The company also produces Teflon slide bearings designed to reduce friction at loaded expansion and contraction joints in bridges, buildings, and pipelines. These products are available as 75 psi to 2000 psi and 2000 to 4000 psi models.

  • Radial Bearing Corp.

    Radial manufactures self-lubricating, Teflon lined radial rod end and radial spherical bearings for the military and commercial aircraft markets. These products are designed to eliminate the need for grease re-lubrication within a temperature range of -65 degrees to 300 degrees.

  • Seismic Energy Products

    Seismic Energy Products produces slide bearings that are constructed of a structural PTFE material known as Fluorogold. These products offer 2000 times more wear resistance, 250 percent more creep resistance, and 45 percent more immunity to deformation than unfilled Teflon bearings. Features include the ability to take compressive loads of 75 psi to 2000 psi, and a temperature range of -320 F to 400 F.

  • American Sleeve Bearings (ASB)

    American Sleeve manufactures steel-backed PTFE lined and plastic/PTFE bushings. Steel-backed products are available in inch and metric sizes, and are produced in sleeve, flange and washer designs.

  • QBC - Quality Bearings

    Q,B & C distributes PTFE plain sleeve flanged sleeve bearings in metric and inch sizes. The company distributes products manufactured by Koyo, Thomson Industries, Bishop-Wisecarver, INA, Heim, THK of America, and Roller Bearing Co.

  • Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

    Saint Gobain Performance Plastics manufactures Norglide PTFE bearings including its PRO bearing, which is the company's best load-carrying product due to its steel plate, structured bronze layer with encapsulated Teflon sliding layer. This product also features nominal thicknesses of 0.50 mm to 1 mm, maximum permissible specific load static of 400 MPa, and a load dynamic of 200 MPa.

  • Voss Engineering, Inc.

    Voss Engineering manufactures Teflon slide bearings that feature a maximum allowable design load of 2000 psi. These products also have frictional values ranging from 9 percent at compressive load of 500 psi to a 6 percent coefficient of friction at 2000 psi. They are not designed to handle any non-uniform load conditions.

  • Fluoro-Plastics Inc

    Fluoro-Plastics Inc. fabricates and machines glass-filled PTFE bearing pads that resist all weather-related degradation while remaining an inert interface between construction materials. The company machines Teflon parts to tolerances of roughly plus or minus .005 inches for the petrochemical, electrical, semiconductor, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and laboratory industries.