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  • VXB Ball Bearings

    VXB Ball Bearings offers thin section metric bearings in a variety of configurations, including: shielded, sealed ball, full ceramic, flanged sealed, and flanged. Model 6705ZZ shielded one ball bearings feature deep grooves, metal shielded closures, electric quality motors, and a self-lubricated construction. These bearings are constructed from chrome steel materials, they have widths of up to 4mm, outer diameters up to 32mm, and inner diameters up to 25mm. VXB also offers 6702ZZ shielded ball bearings, 6703ZZ shielded ball bearings, 6706 full ceramic bearings, etc.

  • Kaydon Corp Bearings Div

    The bearings division of Kaydon Corp. offers 8mm Series angular, 8mm Series (double sealed) radial, 20mm Series radial, 20mm Series angular, and 13mm Series four point. 8mm Series Reali-Slim MM metric bearings feature one-piece/circular pocket ring separators, a type A angular contact construction, and a deep groove bearing with a reduced shoulder on one side of the inner/outer race ball path. These bearings have bore sizes ranging from 25 to 360 mm, static radial capacities ranging from 372 to 4264 kg, and outside diameters ranging from 41 to 376 mm. Kaydon also offers 13mm Series radial, 13mm Series angular, and 8mm Series four point configurations.

  • SMB Bearings

    SMB Bearings offers thin-section and flanged thin-section bearings. Thin-section bearings come in shielded, open, or sealed configurations, they can moderate thrust loads (in both directions), and withstand heavy radial loads. These bearings have RPM ratings ranging from 4 to 36, bore sizes ranging from 10 to 70mm, and outer diameters ranging from 15 to 100mm. Flanged thin-section bearings are constructed from chrome/stainless steel materials, and they feature flanges on the outer rings with widths ranging from 0.8 to 2mm.


    SPB USA offers EZO & SPB thin section bearings in inch and metric dimensions and chrome/stainless steel materials. These bearings have the following applications: dental drills, X-ray machines, robotics, food processing, vacuum pumps, generators, gyros, actuators, blowers, auxiliary power supplies, machine tools, power tools, aerospace products, medical devices, etc. They range in bore size from 0.06mm to 90mm.

  • NSK America

    NSK America offers N Series extremely thin-section ball and roller bearings. These bearings contribute to the torque loss reduction, weight saving, and downsizing of industry machinery, construction equipment, and robots. Bearings feature a highly accurate construction, low frictional/irregular torques, high speed/smooth rotating performance, and a highly efficient power transmission.

  • AST Bearings

    AST America offers SR Series, 6700 Series, 6800 Series, 63800 Series, and 6900 Series thin section ball bearings for applications requiring space limitations. These bearings come in sealed, shielded, open, or other closed configurations. Inch SR Series thin section bearings have bore diameters ranging from 0.3750 to 1.6250, dynamic load ratings ranging from 96 to 175 lbs, and static load ratings from 53 to 192 lbs.

  • Aurotek TSB

    Aurotek TSB offers AA Series 3/16", A Series 1/4", B Series 5/16", C Series 3/8", D Series 1/2", F Series 3/4", and G Series 1" stainless steel thin section bearings for medical equipment and robotics applications. These bearings work well under magnetic and corrosive requirements, and they come with ceramic balls of any size. Bearings feature mil spec greases, outer diameters up to 40", inner diameters as low as 1", and a variety of specialty seals.

  • NHBB (New Hampshire Ball Bearing)

    NHBB (New Hampshire Ball Bearing) offers gothic arch, angular contact, and radial thin section ball bearings for low friction, high stiffness, and high accuracy applications. These bearings feature small diameter balls, narrow cross sections, thin rings, OD sizes from 0.75" to 11.00", and bore sizes ranging from 0.5000" to 10.0000". Angular contact Thinex bearings have thrust capacities ranging from 325 to 7579 lbs, land diameters ranging from 0.961" to 4.875", and radial capacities of up to 3980 lbs.