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Thrust bearings are rotary bearings that allow rotation between parts and support a high axial load at moderate speeds. Design varieties include ball thrust bearings, tapered roller bearings, fluid bearings and magnetic bearings. Due to their inability to support radial loads, thrust bearings must be paired with radial bearings for radial load support. They are offered as flat race thrust bearings, one directional, grooved race thrust bearings and two directional, grooved race thrust bearings.

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  • Aetna Bearing Company

    E Series bore sizes range from 0.5 to 3.5 inches.  F Series bore sizes range from 0.5 to 3.5 inches. G D Series bore sizes range from 0.5 to 3.5 inches. 1000 Series bore sizes range from 12 to 45mm. 1000 Series bore sizes range from 10 to 125mm.  1300 Series bore sizes range from 15 to 125mm.  1400 AW Series bore sizes range from 10 to 140mm.

  • Dalian Hoyi Bearings Co.

    Manufacturers of large diameter spherical and cylindrical roller thrust bearings; taper roller thrust bearings; and thrust ball bearings (single/double direction). Large diameter, spherical roller thrust bearings are ideal for heavy duty operations, axial loads and combined axial and radial loads. This model has three types that vary in bore diameter ranges. The three ranges are from 120 to 1000mm, 120 to 800mm, and 120 to 710mm. The large diameter cylindrical roller thrust bearings have rings with raceways such as shaft washer and housing washer. Its bore diameter ranges from 120 to 1000mm. The tapper roller thrust bearings come in three types - single direction, double direction, and screw-down. The single direction, taper roller thrust bearings  come in bore diameters of 300 to 1000mm.  The screw down bearings come in bore diameter of 200 to 920mm. Thrust single/double ball bearing have shaft and housing washers with raceway and ball/cage assembly.


    FM series have 12 bearings that range from 3 to 10mm in inner ring diameter,  8 to 18mm in outer ring diameter, 3.2 to 10.2mm in outer bore diameter, and 7.8 to 17.8mm in inner ring  diameter. F series have 1 bearings that range from 2 to 10mm in inner ring bore diameter,  6 to 18mm in outer ring outer  2 to 10mm in outer ring bore , and 6 to 18mm in inner ring.

  • Hartford Technologies, Inc.

    Hartford Technologies manufactures customized thrust bearings of single and double direction. Hartford's thrust ball bearings are generally made of 52100 chrome steel with hardened steel raceways. Single direction bearings are built for axial loads exerted from one direction; supplies range in inner diameter sizes of 10 to 75 mm. Double direction thrust ball bearings are built for axial loads exerted from two directions;  supplies range in inner diameter sizes of 10 to 60 mm.

  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF offers thrust ball, angular contact thrust ball, cylindrical roller thrust, needle roller thrust, tapered roller thrust, spherical roller thrust and angular contact thrust ball bearings for screw drives. The SKF line of thrust ball bearings are offered in single and double direction with the option of sphered housing washers. Single direction thrust ball bearings are characterized by a shaft washer, housing washer and ball/cage assembly. The SKF line of angular contact thrust ball bearings come as single or double direction. Angular contact thrust ball bearings  are built for high load, high axial stiffness, and low friction torque conditions. The SKF line of tapered roller thrust bearings carry heavy axial loads with compact bearing  accommodations. Spherical roller thrust bearings are suited for simultaneous radial and axial loads eliminating shaft deflection and misalignment.

  • The Timken Company

    The Timken Company offers ball thrust, spherical roller thrust, cylindrical roller thrust, tapered thrust and needle thrust bearings. The Timken line includes TVB ball thrust bearings for standard axial loads, TVL ball thrust bearings for some radial loading, and DTVL ball thrust bearings for only thrust loads. Spherical roller thrust bearings bring about high thrust capacity with low friction and continuous roller alignment for heavy loads. Size ranges from 110 to 850mm. The Timken line of cylindrical roller thrust bearings includes TP bearings characterized by simplicity and TPS bearings with an aligning washer. Their line of tapered roller thrust bearings includes heavy duty bearings for high speed operations, V-Flat bearings in a standard (TTVF) design and a self aligning (TTVS) design

  • Bearing Service Co.

    Bearing Service Company is a manufacturer of thrust, ball, roller and radial bearings, specializing in primary metal applications. Leveler back-up roll and thrust blocks are equipped with a seal on each end. The Bearing Service Company ISO-API approved facility can manufacture products with diameters up to 60 inches. Bearing Service Company of PA can can also manufacture low volume, specialty and obsolete bearings.

  • QBC - Quality Bearings

    Quality Bearings & Components provide axial needle roller thrust bearings and banded thrust bearings along with thrust washer and bearing spacers. Their line of metric axial needle roller thrust bearings feature steel needles and range in bore diameters from 4 to 160 mm with fitted axial thrust. Banded thrust bearings range in shaft diameter of 0.500 to 1.500mm and come with chrome steel balls and washers. Bearing spacers are made of Stainless Steel or Anodized Aluminum material. Thrust washers come in steel or sintered bronze or with carbon steel backing.

  • Auburn Ball Bearing

    Auburn Ball Bearing manufactures sealed thrust ball bearings. Auburn bearings frequently use a "V" groove raceway. The "V" groove can carry radial loads one quarter of their  load capacity. Auburn offers nearly a dozen types of sealed thrust ball bearings.

  • Boston Gear

    Boston Gear builds hardened steel and stainless steel thrust bearings for high load capacities.The thrust ball bearings are offered as ground & unbanded or unground & banded (600 series). The ground and unbanded line has the AO series that are hardened alloy steel and the SAO series that are hardened stainless steel.  Hardened steel balls are maintained in a nylon cage to increase efficiency and durability while decreasing friction loss. The unground, banded series are of full ball type (v) without a retainer.

  • National Bearings Co.

    National Bearings Company offers thrust bearings for light loads and speeds up to 2500 rpm with a combination of thrust retainer and thrust washers. NBC also customizes ball bearings in terms of inner, outer, and pinch diameters, ball diameter, ball count, retainer thickness and retainer design. Custom design offered by National Bearing includes the choice of carbon/stainless steel balls, carbon/stainless steel/brass/plastic retainers, plating for carbon steel retainers, and rust preventatives.

  • RBC Bearings

    RBC Bearings is a well known international manufacturer and marketer of highly engineered precision plain, roller and ball bearings. While we manufacture products in all major bearing categories, our focus is primarily on highly technical or regulated bearing products for specialized markets that require sophisticated design, testing and manufacturing capabilities. Our unique expertise has enabled us to garner leading positions in many of the product markets in which we primarily compete. RBC's Philosophy RBC Bearings provides our global industrial, aerospace, and defense customers with unique design solutions to complex problems and an unparalleled level of service, quality, and support.

  • Scheerer Bearing Corp.

    Most of Scheerer Bearing Corporation's bearings are made of alloy steel. Scheerer makes special customized orders of bearings for customers.  Ball thrust bearings' bore size range from 0.6520 to 55.1200 inches. Roller thrust bearings are offered as plain type, plates only, self aligning, crane hook, combination, single acting, double acting and all special types. Roller thrust bearings' bore size range from 1.3750 to 35.4330 inches.

  • Frantz Manufacturing Company

    Frantz is a radial thrust conveyor bearing manufacturer. Frantz has built a reputation for their commercial unground non-precision bearing assemblies for conveyor rollers. Radial thrust conveyor bearings are suitable for situations where force is linear too, but give you the corner when needed. Frantz radial thrust conveyor bearings are best press-fit into tubes.

  • American Roller Bearing Co.

    American Roller Bearings manufactures thrust bearings that support a high axial load and allow its parts to rotate. Their thrust bearing are consisted of three different rolling elements - balls, cylindrical rollers, and tapered rollers. They offer 11 types of thrust bearings.

  • Shanghai Lily Bearing Manufacturing Co

    Shanghai Lily Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. offers miniature thrust bearings that range in bore sizes of 2 to 10mm. They are build in chrome steel with brass retainers or stainless steel.

  • Dalton Bearing Service Inc.

    Dalton Bearing Service, Inc. is an authorized distributor of Auburn thrust roller bearings, Auburn thrust ball bearings, NTN thrust ball bearings and SNR thrust ball bearings. Auburn thrust roller bearings have high load capacity and high shock absorption.Auburn manufactures thrust ball bearings with a round or V groove raceway to help even the load over the balls and have open or enclosed style. The V groove style carries 25% more radial load that the thrust load capacity, creates a straight line rolling effect and decreases friction. NTN thrust ball bearings are either single or double direction. SNR thrust ball bearings design bearings in single direction with low rotating speed, and high axial load capacity.

  • Dynaroll Corp.

    Dynaroll supplies 14 types of thrust ball bearings that vary in bore size from 3 to 10 mm. Thrust ball bearings comprise of two precision chrome steel washers, a ball, and a bronze retainer. Dynaroll offers these ball bearings with the option of radius ball grooves in the rings. Thrust ball bearings are built only for axial loads.

  • IKO Nippon Thompson

    Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd. supplies thrust needle roller bearings and thrust roller bearings; they are well suited for high load capacities, high speeds and small spaces. Thrust needle roller bearings are composed of a steel plate cage and needle rollers with a diameter variation withing 2um; they are characterized by rigidity and great lubricant retaining capacity. Nippon Thomas offer thrust needle roller bearings that vary in shaft diameters from 10 to 130mm. Thrust roller bearings are composed of caged cylindrical rollers where the rollers are outwardly arrange; they are best suited for high accuracy applications. Nippon Thomas offer thrust roller bearings that vary in shaft diameters from 10 to 280mm. They also offer the option of raceway rings along with a variety of types.

  • Ixin Bearing

    Ixin Bearing Limited export thrust ball bearings and thrust roller bearings; all bearings are composed of refined bearings steel and precision grade. Ixin's line of thrust ball bearings are offered in single and double directions. Single direction, thrust ball bearings are supplied in a bore diameter range of 10 to 1000mm. Double direction, thrust ball bearings are supplied in a bore diameter range of 20 to 170mm.  The line of thrust roller bearings consist of axial thrust cylindrical, spherical and tapered roller bearings. Axial thrust cylindrical roller bearings are supplied in a bore diameter range of 15 to 320mm. Axial thrust spherical roller bearings are supplied in a bore diameter range of 60 to 360mm. Axial thrust tapered roller bearings are supplied in a bore diameter range of 200 to 380mm.