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Thrust bearings are rotary bearings that allow rotation between parts and support a high axial load at moderate speeds. Design varieties include ball thrust bearings, tapered roller bearings, fluid bearings and magnetic bearings. Due to their inability to support radial loads, thrust bearings must be paired with radial bearings for radial load support. They are offered as flat race thrust bearings, one directional, grooved race thrust bearings and two directional, grooved race thrust bearings.

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  • Boston Gear

    Boston Gear builds hardened steel and stainless steel thrust bearings for high load capacities.The thrust ball bearings are offered as ground & unbanded or unground & banded (600 series). The ground and unbanded line has the AO series that are hardened alloy steel and the SAO series that are hardened stainless steel.  Hardened steel balls are maintained in a nylon cage to increase efficiency and durability while decreasing friction loss. The unground, banded series are of full ball type (v) without a retainer.