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Thrust bearings are rotary bearings that allow rotation between parts and support a high axial load at moderate speeds. Design varieties include ball thrust bearings, tapered roller bearings, fluid bearings and magnetic bearings. Due to their inability to support radial loads, thrust bearings must be paired with radial bearings for radial load support. They are offered as flat race thrust bearings, one directional, grooved race thrust bearings and two directional, grooved race thrust bearings.

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  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF offers thrust ball, angular contact thrust ball, cylindrical roller thrust, needle roller thrust, tapered roller thrust, spherical roller thrust and angular contact thrust ball bearings for screw drives. The SKF line of thrust ball bearings are offered in single and double direction with the option of sphered housing washers. Single direction thrust ball bearings are characterized by a shaft washer, housing washer and ball/cage assembly. The SKF line of angular contact thrust ball bearings come as single or double direction. Angular contact thrust ball bearings  are built for high load, high axial stiffness, and low friction torque conditions. The SKF line of tapered roller thrust bearings carry heavy axial loads with compact bearing  accommodations. Spherical roller thrust bearings are suited for simultaneous radial and axial loads eliminating shaft deflection and misalignment.

  • National Bearings Co.

    National Bearings Company offers thrust bearings for light loads and speeds up to 2500 rpm with a combination of thrust retainer and thrust washers. NBC also customizes ball bearings in terms of inner, outer, and pinch diameters, ball diameter, ball count, retainer thickness and retainer design. Custom design offered by National Bearing includes the choice of carbon/stainless steel balls, carbon/stainless steel/brass/plastic retainers, plating for carbon steel retainers, and rust preventatives.

  • Scheerer Bearing Corp.

    Most of Scheerer Bearing Corporation's bearings are made of alloy steel. Scheerer makes special customized orders of bearings for customers.  Ball thrust bearings' bore size range from 0.6520 to 55.1200 inches. Roller thrust bearings are offered as plain type, plates only, self aligning, crane hook, combination, single acting, double acting and all special types. Roller thrust bearings' bore size range from 1.3750 to 35.4330 inches.

  • American Roller Bearing Co.

    American Roller Bearings manufactures thrust bearings that support a high axial load and allow its parts to rotate. Their thrust bearing are consisted of three different rolling elements - balls, cylindrical rollers, and tapered rollers. They offer 11 types of thrust bearings.

  • Kingsbury, Inc.

    Kingsbury hydrodynamic, tilting pad thrust bearings, in flooded lubrication or directed lubrication styles, are used in high speed turbine, generator, compressor and gear drive applications. Kingsbury thrust products run the gamut from flooded lubrication bearings for less demanding applications to advanced LEG (Leading Edge Groove) directed lubrication technology for high speed machinery. These bearings direct oil from an opening in the base ring, to the leading edge of the shoes, and onto the moving surfaces of the bearing. With this method, just enough oil is applied to enable the bearing to run smoothly. The key benefits of directed lubrication technology are: 1) Reliable operation with lower oil flow requirements; 2) Dramatically reduced bearing power losses; 3) Much lower operating temperatures; 4) Significantly increased load capacity.