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Thrust bearings are rotary bearings that allow rotation between parts and support a high axial load at moderate speeds. Design varieties include ball thrust bearings, tapered roller bearings, fluid bearings and magnetic bearings. Due to their inability to support radial loads, thrust bearings must be paired with radial bearings for radial load support. They are offered as flat race thrust bearings, one directional, grooved race thrust bearings and two directional, grooved race thrust bearings.

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  • Kalsi Engineering, Inc.

    Kalsi Engineering, Inc. manufactures thrust bearings that are impact resistant with hydrodynamic lubrication for heavy thrust loads. These patented bearings are built for high impact loads, damage resistance, reduced friction and higher load/speed variations. They operate with friction coefficients from 0.003 to 0.005. Kalsi supplies thrust bearings in various materials such as beryllium copper, steel, spinodally hardened copper-nickel-tin alloy.

  • QA Bearing Technologies

    QA Bearing Technologies, Ltd. manufacture caged thrust bearings, stacked thrust bearings, and full complement thrust bearings in a custom design for each customer. Caged thrust bearings are built with the design of DynaBearing, a thrust bearing cage with a 2 piece machined steel design. DynaBearing complements both roller and ball thrust bearing types. These bearings have been build in shaft sizes from 3/4" to 12" with rollers from 4 to 34 mm in diameter and combined bearing stack of up to 5 assemblies tall. QA Bearing Technologies can customize race features, race materials, and other requests. Stacked thrust bearings are build by adding load equalization races or spacers. Stacks may consist of cylindrical, spherical or tapered roller thrust bearings. Full complement thrust bearings are ideal for high capacities and slow speeds. Customized designs offer options of sealed or unsealed assemblies, regular or stainless steel composition, and ball, cylindrical, or tapered rollers.

  • Lufkin Industries, Inc.

    Lufkin Industries, Inc. offer thrust bearings for high speed and high load functions. They feature offset pivot to increase load capacity, chrome copper pads, oil inlet spray bars, open drain, leveling link design and spherical pivots on both set of links. They also manufacture fixed pad thrust bearings.