Bearings • Turntable Bearings

Lockable or non-lockable bearings used for swivel displays, welding tables and industrial assembly applications.

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  • VNC Bearing, Inc.

    VNC Bearing Inc. manufactures single and double row ball turntable bearings typically used in vehicle trailers, farm carts, light truck trailers, and full trailers. The bearings are available with axial thrust ranging from 6,744 to 35,969 pounds, with outer diameters of 26.14" and 47.56".

  • Applied Industrial Technologies

    Applied Industrial Technologies distributes external gear, internal gear, and non-geared turntable bearings manufactured by Kaydon. The bearings are available with outer diameters ranging from 11.8110" to 47.400".

  • PSL of America

    PSL of America offers slewing bearings/turntable bearings that can be externally geared, internally geared or gearless, and range in diameters from 8 inches to 11 feet. The bearings are used in a number of applications including cranes, forestry equipment, aerial work platforms, excavators, torque hubs, gear boxes, wind turbines, rolling mill equipment, and deep space antenna equipment.

  • Rotek, Inc.

    Rotek Series 1000 turntable slewing bearings are made with chrome alloy steel balls and rings. These products are designed for applications requiring low-speed, bi-directional rotation of light loads. Features include raceways from 12" to 42" and thrust capacities of 610 to 35,000 lbs.