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Single piece bearings, commonly cast or machined with no moving parts.

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  • KMS Bearings, Inc.

    KMS Bearings, Inc. offers Type AISI 316 stainless steel radial ball bearings. These bearings feature NSF/FDA approved materials, non-lube (slow speed) operations, a non-magnetic construction, and metric or inch sizes. Bearings are have temperatures allowances of up to 180°F, special ordered KMS lubrication, open design shields/seals, and standard acetal ball retainers. They are hygienic and capable of running in liquids.

  • PIB Bearing, Inc.

    PIB Bearing, Inc. offers plastic bearings in the following configurations: plastic race, high temperature, caustic environment, anti-acid, combined pulleys, saffron yellow pulleys, unground, ground, etc. These bearings feature high precision/load capabilities, static loads ranging from 9 to 58 N, and maximum speeds ranging from 500 to 2300 RPM. Bearings are constructed from glass, stainless steel, and plastic materials.

  • VXB Ball Bearings

    VXB Ball Bearings offers conveyor roller unground flanged bearings for conveyor roller (pipe/cylinder) applications. These bearings are available with 59.3mm flange diameters, 56.1 fitting diameters, 12mm inner diameters, and 580 lb load capacities.