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A B Industrial

A B Industrial is a mid-atlantic distributor and servicer of pumps, mechanical seals, motors, strainers and valves for industries such as semiconductor, HVAC, OEM, automotive, municipal, power generation, filtration and many others.

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P: 866-976-7867
F: 866-224-6301
P.O. Box 2321
West Chester, PA 19380

A B Industrial Entries

  • ►  Pumps • Rotary Pumps 

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    Rotary pumps are commonly used in high pressure hydraulic pumps and automotive uses.

    AB Industrial is a pump rep/distributor serving the mid-Atlantic. Types of pumps include rotary vane, peristaltic, lobe, gear, diaphragm, pistion and sanitary.

  • ►  Pumps • Chemical Pumps 

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    Engineered to meet the demands of handling and distributing harsh chemicals and often feature corrosion resistance and filtering systems.

    AB Industrial offers positive displacement, sanitary, mag-drive, slurry, vertical, and centrifugal pumps. These pumps are supplied by a wide range of manufacturers, including Scot, Sethco, J-line, Simflo, MItsubishi, Floway, Cascade, Camac, Graymills, etc.

  • ►  Pumps • Gear Pumps 

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    Used to pump fluid via displacement. Gear pumps are frequently used to pump viscous chemicals.

    AB Industrial distributes positive displacement gear pumps along with a number of other positive displacement pump types. The company supplies pumps manufactured by nearly 40 companies including Viking, Tuthill, Flowserve, Watson Marlow, Moyno, Hydra-Cell, Gorman Rupp, Tarby, Rotan, and Liquiflo.

  • ►  Pumps • Stainless Steel Pumps 

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    Stainless steel constructed pumps are manufactured in large variety or styles and types.

    AB Industrial distributes stainless steel centrifugal pumps, along with a variety of different pump types produced by 75 manufacturers.

  • ►  Pumps • Coolant Pumps 

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    Coolant pumps keep water circulated in order to provide optimum cooling.

    AB Industrial supplies machine tool/coolant pumps from the following manufacturers: Fuji, Toshiba, Teel, Gusher, Mitsubishi, AMT, Yasukawa, A-Ryung, and Hitachi.

  • ►  Gaskets • Seals • Mechanical Seals 

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    AB Industrial Equipment Co., is a supplier of pumps and related parts and accessories. Available products include mechanical seals in single and multi-spring styles as well as split, cartridge and metal bellows configurations. O-rings are also offered in materials incuding Viton, AFLAS, Buna EPDM, teflon, PTFE, neoprene and EPR.

  • ►  Pumps • Self-Priming Pumps 

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    Self-priming pumps are capable of clearing their own air passages (after becoming air-bound) in order to continue delivering pumpage without outside attention.

    AB Industrial are distributors of self-priming centrifugal pumps. Manufacturers include Goulds, Vanton, Fybroc, Dean, Gorman-Rupp, and many others.