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AG Slides

AG Slides, formed in 1956, offers a full line of linear motion components and engineering services for the design and manufacture of precision ball and roller slides for the OEM and design engineering markets. Products include ball slides, roller slides and stages.

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    AG Slides offers a full range of standard and custom linear motion products including ball slides, roller slides, and stages. Features include stability and durability with cast iron and steel construction, ultra precision performance, and self-cleaning ball bearings.

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    AG Slides offers compact J Series ball slides for instrumentation applications. These slides feature accuracies within 0.0001/in, 2 lb load capacities, 0.00005" repeatability, and 0.5" travel ratings. They are small, short-traveling, easy-to-use, and precise.

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    AG Slides Withstands offers Ironman roller slides for carrying increased loads and withstanding higher cycle rates. These slides feature partially flatted steel rods, 90 degree rotated rollers, and an exclusive/easy to use US patented wedge adjustment. Model RK-42 Ironman roller slides have 2" travel ratings, 45 lb loads, 0.0001" accuracies, and 0.00005" repeatability ratings. They are constructed from steel and cast iron materials.