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Amacoil, Inc.

Amacoil, Inc. offers RG linear drives, RS linear drives, AZ timing belt drives, and associated accessories. Amacoil offers repair service and technical support. Amacoil rolling ring drives and assemblies are used in machinery requiring a backlash-free linear motion component to perform a wide range of positioning and reciprocating motion applications.

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    Amacoil is a distributor for Uhing rolling ring drives used for reciprocating, positioning, and indexing linear motion processes. In broader linear motion markets, such as the OEM design engineering market, Amacoil provides expert rolling ring linear motion guidance to explain when and how to use Uhing rolling ring technology to improve productivity and efficiency.

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    Amacoil offers their RG and RS linear drives and a full line of AZ timing belt drives. The RG linear drives are for reciprocating motion applications, available in 17 sizes are also available custom engineered. The AZ-1010 has a narrow profile, travel speed of up to 3.5 M (11.48 ft.) per second, with repeatable accuracy to within +/- 0.2 mm (0.007 in.). Unlike the RG variable pitch drive, the RS comes standard with a fixed pitch setting of 0.5 times the shaft diameter. Each RS drive is also available with four other pitch settings: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 times the shaft diameter.

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    Amacoil, Inc. offers model AZ timing belt drive linear actuators. These actuators may be used horizontally or vertically, can achieve speeds of up to 4 meter/second, and are capable of axial thrusts from 67 to 560 lbs. Roller type and slide bearing designs are available.

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    Amacoil Inc. offers two linear drive models for reciprocating motion applications including winding machines, spray and coating equipment, packaging, converting, textile, automotive, metrology, CNC machining, and scanning devices. The linear drives feature axial thrust up to 450 lbs. or 800 lbs. and travel up to 12 feet or 16 feet for RG80.

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    Amacoil, Inc. offers SLS and L4 linear slides for limited space, medium weight, and heavy load applications.