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American Linear Manufacturers

American Linear Manufacturers (ALM) designs and manufactures standard and customized products, including linear bearings, linear slides, tables and stages, motorized positioning systems, X-Y-Z axis configurations, automation equipment and components, and customer specific modifications. OEM quantity discounts are available. ALM products are qualified to Mil-Spec 45208A; Certification for ISO 9001 (pending).

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    ALM manufactures linear bearing and slide products, including crossed roller, low profile crossed roller, and crossed roller recirculating designs. Their positioning stage products are offered in precision crossed roller stages, crossed roller long stroke industrial grade, heavy duty roller way iron slides, and crossed roller rotary tables.

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    Manufactures precision Linear Crossed Roller Ways, Components and Assemblies. Products include motor ready crossed roller positioning stages and industrial grade motor ready linear positioning stages. ALM also offers close tolerance and high volume CNC machining capabilities, "J.I.T." control programs and a dedicated design and applications engineering staff

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    ALM designs and manufactures linear crossed roller bearings and linear crossed roller slides and stages. Both bearings and slides come in low profile and recirculating configurations, as well as standared designs. Crossed roller stages come in precision, long stroke industrial grade, heavy duty, and rotary table configurations.

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    ALM manufactures standard and custom crossed roller linear bearings, slides, stages and tables. Low profile and recirculating crossed roller bearings are also available.

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    American Linear Manufacturers (ALM) offers standard crossed roller linear slide assemblies, low profile slide assemblies, and double "V" rail sets. Standard crossed roller linear slide assemblies feature 0.0001" positioning accuracies, viscosity ranges from 15 to 30, and they have long/trouble-free work lives. ALM's low profile slide assemblies and double "V" rail sets have travel ranges from 0.708" to 2.755", lengths ranging from 1.181" to 4.724", and RPR ratings up to 21.