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    Plugs & Receptacles

    Amp Netconnect develops, manufactures and supplies receptacles.   The receptacles are rated 125 VAC, meets NEMA 5-15R and NEMA 5-20R, available for any of the 4 circuits, 3 circuits with 8-wire (3-3-2) as well as 3 circuits with 5-wire, are fully polarized and keyed and are available in various panel thickness from 50.8 cm [2.0 in] to 88.9 cm [3.5 in].  The active line is clearly indicated with the isolated ground marked in orange.  Amp Netconnects design allows field plug and play changes for phase load balancing.

  • ►  Electrical • Wire & Cable • Cable & Wire 

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    Cable & Wire

    Amp Netconnect makes several types of cabling, including optical fiber cable, non-metallic sheathed metal cable, and twisted pair cable such as category 6 UTP cable, cat 6A, cat 6E, and cat 5e cable.

  • ►  Electrical • Wire & Cable • Fiber Optic Cable 

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    Fiber Optic Cable

    Tyco Electronics manufactures optical fiber cable. Types include distribution cable, ranging from 6-12 and 24-72 fiber; indoor/outdoor, 4-12 and 24-144 fiber; outside plant dielectric with 4-12 and 24-144 fiber; outside plant armored, 4-12 or 24-144 fiber; and horizontal, 2-4 fiber. Cables UL and cUL listed OFNR (Riser) and OFNP(Plenum) where applicable.