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P: 502-266-9999x800
F: 502-267-1886
12300 Plantside Dr.
Louisville, KY 40299

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  • ►  Factory Automation • Computer Automation • HMI • Human Machine Interface 

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    ASAP Automation offers HMI products that provide real time statistics to monitor the vital stats of automation equipment systems. These HMIs can be used to start or stop the system, diagnose any problems and display system statuses. HMIs are designed using an open, non-proprietary system with simple to understand navigation that helps speed HMI development and training time.  The Human Machine Interface screens contain statistical and diagnostic graphics and reports.  The data can be exported as a CSV file for off line evaluation or record keeping.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Automation Software • Supply Chain Software 

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    ASAP offers supply chain software that includes warehouse management software, performance management/business intelligence software, warehouse control software, manufacturing execution software. The company's software is designed to integrate with material handling automation technologies.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Automation Software • Warehouse Control Systems & Software 

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    ASAP Automation offers Exacta warehouse control systems for both traditional automation control and several modules of functionality. These warehouse control systems are capable of remote monitoring (providing visibility across the organization), built-in diagnostic tools, graphics, and reports. Systems are intuitive (color-coded), user-friendly, and they provide continuous feedback/monitoring with real-time data/statistics.