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Asi Inc.

Applied Scientific Instrumentation, Inc. offers complete photometric systems, controllers, focus/tracking/stabilization tools, illumination control, manipulation/injection, photomultipliers, piezo Z-axis stages, video microscopes, test stands, etc.

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P: 541-461-8181
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29391 W. Enid Rd.
Eugene, OR 97402-9533


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    Applied Scientific Instrumentation is a manufacturer of micropositioning solutions.  Products include microscope automation stages, controllers, piezo stages, linear and manual stages, robotic systems, micromanipulators and piezo devices.

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    Applied Scientific Instrumentation offers LS-series stages that can be used in a wide range of applications and offer superior automated control when used with their MS-2000 control electronics. Available for 50 mm (2") and 100 mm (4") travel, and also 150 mm, 200 mm, and 300 mm versions upon request. These stages are designed to be stacked to provide complete versatility.

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    Applied Scientific Instrumentation develops and manufactures automated XYZ gantry translation stages used for image acquisition, inspection, and 3D positioning and profiling applications. The translation stages feature three precision, closed-loop DC servo motor linear actuators. Specifications include travel of 100mm, 250mm or 380mm, and resolution of less than 3 um.

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    Applied Scientific Instrumentation engineers single-axis linear positioning stages available for 50mm 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm travel. Designed to be stacked, the linear stages feature repeatability to less than 300mm.

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    Applied Scientific Instrumentation produces XY flat-top extended travel stages and and XY large automated stages. The XY travel stages feature a low-profile design and provide 100mm of Y-axis travel with an extended 250 mm of X-axis travel. The XY automated stages is used with large industrial inspection microscopes and features maximum speeds ranging from 6.4 mm/sec to 240 mm/sec.