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ATS Automation Tooling Systems

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    ATS offers automation technology systems including the SmartVision PC-based vision system. With its easy-to-use Windows based interface, the SmartVision system offers high performance and platform-independent vision engine for cost-effective connectivity and customization.

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    ATS Smartvision is a PC-based vision system combining an easy-to-use Windows interface with a high-performance, platform-independent vision engine. It controls multiple cameras in a single application and performs up to eight independent sequences comprised of ordered lists of steps. Each step contains one SmartVision tool.

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    Assembly Systems

    ATS designs and builds custom automation systems. Their systems serve markets including healthcare, computer/electronics, automotive, consumer products and the solar energy industry. They can configure high-speed automated assembly systems, turnkey, medium- and high-volume, automated machining systems, and more; with fully automated production lines or as manually fed workcells.

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    System integrators for integrating components from PLC's to motion systems to robotic systems and more.

    Automation Tooling Systems designs and produces factory automation systems for the medical, automotive, telecommunications, semiconductor, electrical, pharmaceutical and solar energy industries. The company offers single- and multi-station lean automation solutions.

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    Testing equipment for automotive, biomedical, aerospace, microwave, military, semiconductor and many other manufacturing facilities.

    ATS Automation makes and develops turnkey automated testing systems for consumer products, renewable energy sources, telecommunications, automotive, electronics, and electrical applications including functional and diagnostic testing, stepper motor torque testing, microprocessor controlled water filter tests, and cellular phone component testing.

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    Automotive Manufacturing Systems

    ATS offers automotive manufacturing systems for assembly, machining, armature winding, testing, plastics molding, and more for applications including braking systems, safety systems, sensors & solenoids, suspension & drivetrain, and more.

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    Pharmaceutical Automation Equipment

    ATS manufactures machinery and automation solutions for pharmaceutical applications specializing in custom-designed machine solutions for production, packaging, and dispensing, single point integration of zone- and plant-wide production systems. ATS offers systems for all kinds of applications from integration of standard machines to developing, prototyping and building of complete custom automation system.

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    ATS Automation Tooling Systems offers automated assembly equipment for automotive components and sub-assemblies, including: sun roofs, lighting systems, closures, locking systems, safety systems, sensors/solenoids, instrumentation, windows, seating systems, braking systems, etc. Services offered by ATS include: analysis, data collection, armature winding, plastics molding, machining, assembly, etc.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Automated Production Equipment • Assembly Systems • Medical Assembly Systems 

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    ATS Automation Tooling Systems offers micro medical device assembly systems. Solutions range from high-precision material handling for micro-medical applications, to the sorting and testing of medical samples in a clean room environment. Applications include: eye-wear, ophthalmic devices, dispensing, product packaging, surgical devices, dental/care assembly, medical devices, sensors, human genome samples, vials, test tubes, etc.