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AutomationDirect is a supplier of motion control products, including drives, motors, power transmission products, programmable controllers, sensors, software, servo systems, stepper systems, motor control relays, motor starters, contactors, and more.

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  • ►  Motors • Stepper Motors 

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    A brushless, synchronous motor that is controlled by coils and utilized for a variety of applications.

    Automation Direct offers SureStep stepping systems with bipolar stepper motors featuring 1.8 degrees per step with 200 steps per revolution, standard NEMA sizes of 17, 23, and 24, and is a two-phase bipolar, four-lead model.

  • ►  Motors • Servo Motors 

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    Classified as a small, brushless motor, servo motors feature a built-in speed control device.

    Automation Direct is a distributor of SureServo low and medium inertia servo motors/systems. The low inertia servo systems offer motor models in 100 W, 200 W, 400 W, 750 W and 1 kW, with speeds up to 5,000 rpm (4,500 rpm for 750 W and 1 kW models). These servo units feature square flange mounting with metric dimensions of 40, 60, 80, and 100 mm flanges, keyless drive shafts, and an integrated encoder with 2,500 (x4) pulses/revolution plus marker pulse (once per revolution). SureServo medium inertia servo systems offer motor models of 1 kW, 2 kW and 3 kW, with speeds up to 3000 rpm. Features include square flange mounting with metric dimensions of 130 and 180 mm flanges, keyless drive shafts, and optional 24 VDC spring-set holding brakes.

  • ►  Motors • Electric Motors 

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    Electric motors turn electrical energy into mechanical energy, by using magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors.

    Automation Direct supplies IronHorse-brand general purpose AC electric motors and PM DC electric motors; along with inverter-duty and vector-duty AC electric motors manufactured by Marathon Electric. The IronHorse AC electric AC motors are available as 1200, 1800, and 3600 rpm models. The Marathon Electric AC motors feature 0.25 to 100 HP and continuous operation in 40C ambient and altitudes up to 3,300 feet.

  • ►  Sensors • Pressure Sensors 

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    Measure, monitor and control pressure, typically of gases or liquids and also act as a transducer,

    Automation Direct offers ProSense pressure sensors for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. The pressure sensors feature capacitive sensing, strain gauge, and ceramic pressure measuring cell sensing technology. The PTD series of pressure transmitters feature a compact size, mA or V outputs, analog output via 4 pin M12 DC connecotr, stainless steel housing and flexible film circuits.

  • ►  Connectors • Connector Distributors 

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    This section offers a list of distributors that carry various connectors for industrial application. Search by state or city.

    AutomationDirect is a distributor of industrial control and automation products such as sensors, PLCs, pushbuttons, enclosures, AC drives/motors, operator interfaces, and much more.  Tons of products offered from a variety of different manufacturers.

  • ►  Connectors • DIN Connectors 

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    DIN connectors are a type of standardized connector used for digital signals, analog audio and various computing uses.

    DIN rail Terminal Block Connectors: Standard Screw (DINectors) and Screwless Terminal Blocks. Terminal Block types available include feed-through, multi-level, mini, ground, fuse, disconnect or direct mount. Screwless DIN-rail Terminal Block Types available include Single-level feed-through, Double-level, Screwless One-Connection to Two-Connection, Screwless Two-Connection to Two-Connection, Screwless knife-blade disconnect terminal, & Screwless Ground Terminal Blocks. DIN-rail types are 35 mm slotted, 35 mm slotted high (deep-dish) & 15 mm slotted.

  • ►  Switches • Push Button Switches 

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    Push Button Switches are used commonly as emergency stop buttons and are built to withstand and resist damage from dirt, dust, water and other environmental hazards.

    AutomationDirect is a distributor of push button switches, momentary switches, selector switches and emergency stop buttons. They offer 22mm metal, non-metal and plastic pushbuttons, as well as 30mm metal NEMA push button switches. Plastic pushbuttons are made with fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic for operator panel designs.

  • ►  Sensors • Proximity Sensors 

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    Used to detect the presence of nearby objects without making any physical contact by emitting an electromagnetic or electrostatic field to detect objects.

    Automation Direct distributes a number of proximity sensor types including: DC models, short body round, analog output, AC-powered, stainless steel DC triple sensing, stainless steel DC, rectangular, and minature. Depending on type the sensors are available in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, 12mm, 18mm, and 30mm sizes. The majority of the DC sensors and all AC sensors are available with fixed or quick-disconnect cable styles.

  • ►  Connectors • Electrical Wire & Cable Connectors 

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    Connectors for audio cables, power cables, and automotive, telecom, medical and commercial cable connection applications.

    Automation Direct carries a variety of electrical wire connectors as well as crimping tools and accessories. Products include ring terminals, butt & end, fork terminals and insulated ferrules. Automation Direct's PVC-insulated crimping terminals are rated up to 105°C and are manufactured using tin plated (99.9%) copper.

  • ►  Sensors • Transducers 

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    Used to convert one type of energy to another. Can be used as sensors, actuators or a combination of the two.

    Automation Direct supplies split core and fixed core, AC current-sensing transducers that feature full-scale input ranges from 2A to 2000A. With output choices of 4-20mA and 0-10 volt analog outputs, the transducer models are panel-mountable and are available with DIN rail adapter accessories.

  • ►  Sensors • Ultrasonic Sensors 

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    Used to generate high frequency sound waves to calculate the time interval between sending and receiving the signal to determine distance to an object.

    Automation Direct offers three lines of ultrasonic proximity sensors. First, the SU Series are 18 mm plastic sensors with adjustable ranges of 100 to 600 mm and 200 to 1,500 mm. They feature complete overload protection, LED status indicators on DC models, and IEC IP67 rating. Second, the TU Series of 30 mm proximity sensors has a sensing range from 300 to 2,500 mm, in addition to many of the same features as found on the SU models. Lastly, the UHZ Series are rectangular, miniature sensors with dimensions of 30 mm x 20 mm x 12 mm. Within this series are four models of through-beam sensors for applications with limited mounting space.

  • ►  Switches • Limit Switches 

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    A limit switch is an electro-mechanical device that consists of an actuator mechanically linked to a set of contacts.

    Automation Direct distributes heavy-duty and double-insulated limit switches produced by various European-based manufacturers. These limit switches feature popular actuator styles including plungers, short and adjustable levers with rollers, and steel and plastic rods.

  • ►  Switches • Proximity Switches 

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    A proximity sensor is able to detect the presence of nearby objects, and open or close an electrical circuit without any physical contact via an electromagnetic/electrostatic field.

    Automation Direct distributes proximity switches from a group of Euorpean manufacturers. The round selection includes 3-5 mm PY and PD Series, stainless steel, 3-wire DC switches; 8 mm AE Series switches; 12 and 18 mm, 2- or 3-wire DC metal switches; and IP65-rated, 2- and 3-wire, DC, 30 mm switches. Other options within this group include triple sensing distance, extended sensing distance, and analog output. Furthermore, the company sells three series of rectangular, IP67-rated, 3-wire, DC proximity switches. Most of them are available in fixed or quick-disconnect cable styles, and feature LED status indicators to verify operation.

  • ►  Sensors • Photoelectric Sensors 

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    Used to detect distance, absence, or presence of an object by using a light transiter and a photoelectric receiver.

    Automation Direct distributes a number of photoelectric sensor types including: high performance AC/DC, DC rectangular, 5mm round - stainless, light screen, AC/DC rectangular, 8mm round- metal, 12mm round - metal, 18mm round- metal, 18mm AC powered, and 18mm round - nonmetal. The company recently began supplying photoelectric sensors rated for harsh-duty/food and beverage applications.

  • ►  Sensors • Transducers • Current Transducers 

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    Current Transducers

    Automation Direct produces current sensing transducers that feature full-scale input ranges that are selectable from 2A to 2000A. All current transducer models are panel-mountable, and available in split core or solid core case. The transducers also feature output choices that range from 4 to 20 mA (24 VDC loop-powered) and 0-10 colt (self-powered).

  • ►  Switches • Safety Switches • Emergency Stop Switches 

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    Emergency stop switches have a variety of applications in situations were potentially dangers must be prevented by quickly ending certain operations.

    Automation Direct distributes 22mm illuminated and non-illuminated emergency stop switches that feature metal or plastic construction.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Machine Safety • Light Curtains 

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    Light Curtains

    Automation Direct is a suppliers of category 4/type 4 safety light curtains that feature finger or hand protection, and resolution of 14mm or 30mm.

  • ►  Motors • Variable Speed Motors 

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    Variable speed motors are usually three-phase induction motors that are used in variable frequency drives.

    AutomationDirect offers VFD's (variable frequency drives) from 1/4 hp to 100 hp. GS1 Series Mini AC Drives feature 1/4 and 1/2 hp, 115 VAC single phase VFD; 1/4, 1/2 and 1 hp, 230 VAC single phase VFD / 3-phase VFD; and a 2 hp, 230 VAC 3 phase VFD.

  • ►  Motors • Brushless Motors 

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    A type of synchronous electric motor, a brushless DC motor is powered by direct-current electricity.

    AutomationDirect sells SureServo brushless servo systems, from 100W to 3kW, use DirectLOGIC PLCs, and have onboard indexers and adaptive tuning modes. They also offer programmable controllers, PC-based control, operator interfaces, memory devices, process controls, relays and timers, and more.

  • ►  Motion Control • Cables 

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    Motion control systems use a wide variety of cables for a multitude of applications including brake cables, insulated cables and more. sells several types of motion control cables including encoder cables, power cables, programming cables, motor extension cables, and communications cables.

  • ►  Motion Control • Drives • Variable Frequency/Adjustable Speed Drives 

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    Variable Frequency/Adjustable Speed Drives sells AC variable frequency drives for motor speed control and industrial control applications in single and 3-phase models at varying HP up to 100hp with some models featuring dynamic braking, removable keypad, and PID.

  • ►  Switches • Illuminated Switches 

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    Illuminated switches are backlit switches often used in dimly lit areas to make the switch more visible.

    AutomationDirect is a distributor of Eaton Cutler-Hammer 22mm illuminated pushbutton switches. They offer transformer, full voltage, resistor, or LED light units. The E22 series illuminated pushbuttons are available in 24V and 120V models.

  • ►  Switches • Illuminated Switches • Illuminated Push Button Switches 

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    Illuminated Push Button Switches

    Automation Direct is a distributor of Eaton Cutler-Hammer 22mm illuminated push button switches. The E22TB Series features one normally open or normally closed contact, red N.O. contact block, green and amber N.C. contact block, and 24 VAC/DC full voltage light unit or 120 VAC resistor light unit.

  • ►  Motors • Motor Controllers 

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    Motion controllers are used to govern the manner in which an electric motor operates. Motor controllers may be automatic or manual.

    Automation Direct offers IEC electric motor controls, including industrial ac motor controllers, for compact control systems. Manufacturers include Bryant, ProSense, Fuji, Eaton Cutler-Hammer, and others. Manual motor controllers feature switch sizes in 30 Amps, 40 Amps and 60 Amps up to 600 VAC, 2-pole and 3-pole configurations, and are available in NEMA 1, 3/3R and 4X motor controller enclosures.

  • ►  Motors • Motor Starters 

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    Motor starters are devices used to start up electric motors and help reduce mechanical stress on the motor and shaft.

    Automation Direct is an online distributor of IEC electric motor controls, including motor starters from Fuji, Eaton Cutler-Hammer, Stellar and GH. The Fuji manual motor starter is available in a 32A version with a 45mm frame width, and a 63A version with a 55 mm frame width. The Eaton IEC starters are full voltage magnetic starters used for starting polyphase induction motors.

  • ►  Motion Control • Motors 

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    Many different industrial motor types are used in motion control applications.

    Automation Direct offers SureStep stepper motors. Motors are 2-phase bipolar, 4-lead, and CE complaint. Motors come in standard NEMA sizes 17, 23, and 34. Motors achieve 1.8° per step, and 200 steps per revolution. Maximum holding torque ranges from 3.84 lb-in to 80.7 lb-in.

  • ►  Switches • Relays • Hermetically Sealed Relays 

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    Automation Direct distributes hazardous location electromechanical plug-in relays that are hermetically sealed. Available in square, cube, and octal shapes, the relays are designed for use in hazardous locations and washdown applications. The relays feature coil voltages of 110/120 VAC, 220 VAC, 12 V AC/DC/, and 24V AC/DC.

  • ►  Motion Control • Motors • Stepper Motors 

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    Automation Direct's nine types of SureStep stepper motors are available with NEMA 17, 23, and 24 frame sizes. Used to handle automation applications including woodworking, assembly, and test machines, the stepper motors offer output torques ranging from 61 oz-in. to 1292 oz-in., and phase currents from 1.7A to 6.3A.

  • ►  Switches • Relays • Solid State Relays • Solid State Time Delay Relays 

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    Automation Direct distributes Fuji Electric-brand 1/16 DIN solid state timer relays used for process control, machine tool control, and safety control applications. The relays feature a timing range from 0.05 seconds to 60 hours, and a timer scale with selectable ranges of 0-6, 0-12, 0-30, and 0-60. The relays are plug-in 8 pin or 11-pin surface/DIN rail mountable.

  • ►  Motion Control • Drives • Micro Drives 

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    Automation Direct designs AC micro drives available as 1/4HP to 1HP, 115 VAC single phase AC drives; 1/2HP to 7.5 HP, 230 VAC drives; 1 to 10 HP, 460 VAC drives; or 1 to 10HP, 575 VAC drives. With outputs of 1.6 to 25 amps, the drives are used for motor speed control applications including conveyors, fans, pumps, compressors, HVAC, material handling, mixing and shop tools.

  • ►  Switches • Limit Switches • Plunger Limit Switches 

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    Automation Direct's line of industrial limit switches includes stainless steel plunger actuator limit switches, metal plunger actuator compact limit switches, and double-insulated limit switches. The various switches feature conduit openings in 1/2" NPT or PG13.5 sizes, along with die cast aluminum or electrically-isolated PBT bodies for heavy-duty industrial or corrosive environments.

  • ►  Sensors • Proximity Sensors • Magnetic Proximity Sensors 

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    Automation Direct supplies magnetic proximity sensors available as 12mm round and 18mm round models. Featuring 316L stainless steel housing, the sensors are IP69K rated for food and beverage applications or harsh duty applications.

  • ►  Sensors • Proximity Sensors • Capacitive Proximity Sensors 

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    Automation Direct distributes 30mm capacitive proximity sensors that detect metal and non-metal objects. With adjustable 2-15 mm shielded and 2-20 mm unshielded sensing distances, the sensors are available as normally open or normally closed output models - with an IEC IP65 protection rating.

  • ►  Switches • Limit Switches • Heavy Duty Limit Switches 

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    Automation Direct offers Heavy Duty IEC limit switches. These switches come with a wide variety of cable entry options, and a variety of popular actuator styles, including: plastic/steel rods, adjustable/short levels (with rollers), and plungers. Switches have an IP65 protection rating, snap-action contact blocks, 1/2" NPT or PG13.5 conduit openings, single/multiple conduit openings, and die-cast aluminum bodies.

  • ►  Valves • Pressure Valves • Control/Relief Valves • Air Control/Relief Valves 

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    Automation Direct offers Meter-Out, Meter-In, and In-Line (Straight) air flow control valves. These valves have sizes ranging from 5/32 to 12 mm, stainless steel tube griping claws, rotating thermoplastic (PBT) bodies, and pre-applied Teflon thread sealants. They come in inch/metric control valve sizes, they have color coded red valve release rings, and NITRA Polyurethane/Nylon 12 tubing.

  • ►  Sensors • Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) • Spring Loaded RTDs 

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    Automation Direct offers RTD spring-loaded probes with hex nipples and connection heads. These probes have the following features: lengths ranging from 6" to 18", 100 ohm platinum 3-wire elements, 1/4" diameter stainless steel sheaths, and alumina powdered RTD element insulation.

  • ►  Sensors • Temperature Sensors • Thermowells 

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    Automation Direct offers ProSense temperature thermowells for RTD probes and spring-loaded thermocouples. ProSense temperature thermowells allow temperature up to 600°F, and pressure ratings up to 232 PSI. Spring-loaded thermocouples have 1/2" and 3/4" NPT male process threads, a one piece 304/316 stainless steel construction, and they are fabricated/designed in compliance with ASME B31.1.

  • ►  Sensors • Proximity Sensors • Inductive Proximity Sensors 

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    Automation Direct offers inductive proximity sensors in a variety of configurations, including: AE/PEW Series, PY/PD Series, AK/VK1/PKW/PBK Series, AM/VM1/PMW/PBM Series, and IP68K PFM1 Series. AE1/AE6 Series round DC inductive proximity sensors have the following features: sizes up to 8mm, PNP/NPN 3-wire models, LED status indicators, IEC IP67 protection ratings, 2 meter axial cables, compact metal housings, etc. These sensors have applications for tight space applications.

  • ►  Switches • Limit Switches • Slow Action Limit Switches 

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    Automation Direct offers AGW20 contact blocks for limit switches. These blocks have slow action overlays, IP65 protection, temperatures ranging from -22 to 176°F, voltages up to 690V, and 2 N.O. contacts.

  • ►  Motors • Air Compressor Motors 

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    Air compressors are used to convert power into kinetic energy by pressurizing/compressing air, so that the air can be strategically released in quick bursts.

    Automation Direct offers air compressor motor soft starters for a variety of motor control applications, including: air compressors, agitators, escalators, crushers, conveyors, chillers, mills, tumblers, transformers, rolling mills, pelletizers, mixers, etc. These motors have the following benefits: reduced maintenance, reduced motor starting currents, internal mechanical contacts, smooth accelerations, extended lifespans, etc. They have control voltages up to 24 VDC, 45 or 55mm widths, and two-face control options.

  • ►  Motion Control • Actuators • Miniature Actuators 

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    Automation Direct offers compact C Series NITRA pneumatic cylinders for a broad range of applications. These cylinders feature a 304 stainless steel body, Buna-N O-rings, high-strength aluminum alloy pistons/end caps, pre-lubricated air cylinders, and roller burnished piston rods. These cylinders come in bore sizes ranging from 9/16" to 3" and stroke lengths ranging from 1/4" to 4"

  • ►  Switches • Proximity Switches • Capacitive Proximity Switches 

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    AutomationDirect offers capacitive sensors that can sense metal and non-metal objects, even through non-metal containers. Sensing distances range from 2 mm - 15 mm shielded and 2 mm - 40 mm unshielded. NPN and PNP logic outputs are available as are normally open or closed output models. All capacitive proximity sensors are IP65 or IP67 rated.

  • ►  Switches • Proximity Switches • Magnetic Proximity Switches 

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    Automation Direct offers a 12mm & 18mm 316L stainless steel magnetic proximity switch/sensor designed for use in harsh duty, and food & beverage applications (IP69K). These sensor variations are equipped with a gold-plated pin M12 quick-disconnect plug, and overload protection.

  • ►  Switches • Selector Switches 

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    Selector switches are manually operated, multi-purpose, multi-position switches that are typically constructed in knob, key, or lever styles.

    Automation Direct offers selector switches in knob or key styles and 2-3 mounting positions. Model E22 selector switches feature 7 lb/in tightening torques, operating temperatures ranging from -14 to 140°F, push-button mechanical lives up to 5 million operations, and nominal panel thicknesses up to 6.8 mm. These switches are constructed from brass, silver, stainless steel, polyester, polycarbonate, nitrate rubber, and glass-filled nylon materials. They comply with the following standards: CE, IP65, IEC, NEMA, CSA, UL listing, etc.

  • ►  Motion Control • Feedback Devices • Encoders • Incremental Encoders 

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    Automation Direct has a variety of absolute incremental encoders for light-, medium- and heavy-duty applications. Light series incremental encoders have a 38mm diameter (30mm depth) and are available in 6mm single shaft or 8mm hollow shaft designs, with up to 2,500 pulses per revolution. Medium duty incremental encoders have a 50mm diameter (35mm depth) and are available in either 8mm standard or 8mm hollow shaft designs with up to 2,500 pulses per revolution. Heavy duty absolute encoders have a 78mm diameter (60mm depth), and have a 10mm standard solid shaft and have totem pole outputs up to 5,000 pulses per revolution.

  • ►  Motion Control • Feedback Devices • Encoders • Optical Encoders 

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    Automation Direct offers TRD-S Series light duty, TRD-N Series medium duty, and TRD-GK Series heavy duty optical encoders. TRD-S Series light duty rotary incremental encoders feature IP40 (dust-proof) certification, up to 200 KHz in response frequency ratings, 38mm body diameters, and 30mm body depths. These encoders can be ordered in 12-24 VDC or 5V line driver models, and they are ideally used for small applications.

  • ►  Motion Control • Feedback Devices • Encoders • Rotary Encoders 

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    Automation Direct offers light, medium and heavy duty rotary encoders for motion control and positioning applications. TRD-GK Series heavy duty rotary encoders feature 12 billion revolution service lives, IP65 splash-proof ratings, operating temperatures ranging from -10 to +70°C, and 100 KHz maximum response frequencies. These encoders can accept voltages ranging from 10 to 30 VDC, and they have 10mm standard solid shafts.

  • ►  Electrical • Power Quality • Voltage Regulators/Constant Voltage Transformers 

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    Voltage regulators/constant voltage transformers, including sine wave, square wave and more.

    Automation Direct offers a variety of Hammond Power transformers. Models include the HPS Imperator compact control transformer designed for high inrush applications requiring reliable output voltage stability and the HPS Fortress encapsulated transformer ideal for commercial applications where quality, ease of installation, and low cost are key.

  • ►  Electrical • Power Distribution • Switchgear 

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    Automation Direct manufactures and distributes various switchgear products including motor control relays, contactors and overloads, ac motors soft starters. compact 3 phase soft starters and 45 mm contactors.

  • ►  Electrical • Power Distribution • Power Supplies • AC to DC Power Supplies 

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    Automation Direct manufactures a number of AC/DC power supplies including 5V, 12V, 15V, and 24V AC/DC encapsulated mini power supplies for space limited applications. The low-profile, compact AC/DC power supplies feature universal input of 85 to 264 VAC, 47-440 Hz. The power supplies can be chassis mount, panel mount or 35mm DIN rail mount. Available with 15 watts to 60 watts, the power supplies are suited for use in computer rooms, handheld machine tools, and aircraft and military applications.

  • ►  Electrical • Conduit & Raceways • Wiring Ducts 

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    Wiring Ducts

    Automation Direct offers a broad variety of wire ducting products including T1 series wire duct with cover, thin finger wire duct with cover, solid wire duct with cover, spare duct covers, wire duct accessories, flexible duct, spiral wrap and braided sleeve duct for a variety of industries.

  • ►  Electrical • Wire & Cable • Building Wire 

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    Building Wire

    Automation Direct offers three varieties of insulated electrical copper wire for industrial applications including MTW (machine tool wire), TFFN fixture wire and THHN general purpose building wire. Available in a range of 4 to 14 AWG, the THHN is ideal for 600 volt applications in wet or dry areas. Its polyvinyl chloride insulation is moisture resistant and flame retardant. It can withstand temperatures up to 90°C. Visit Website

  • ►  Electrical • Wire & Cable • Cable & Wire 

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    Cable & Wire

    Automation Direct offers a line of cables and wiring solutions. Line of cables includes cables for sensors/switches, drives, PLC programming and expansion, PAC Productivity3000 Programming and Expansion, Field I/O expansion, operator interface, industrial monitors, motion control, ZipLink pre-wired connection cables and modules, and Profibus connectors. Wiring solutions include electrical hook-up/building wire in insulation types, flexible portable cord, flexible lquid-tight electrical tubing and connectors, wire duct, cable ties, wire end connectors and panel interface connectors.

  • ►  Electrical • Connectors • Crimp Connectors 

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    Crimp Connectors

    Automation Direct is a manufacturer of a broad array of connectors including crimp connectors in a wide variety of sizes, colors and materials including nylon and thermoplastic. Models include straight crimp connectors and locking crimp connectors in a variety of sizes. 3-wire and 4-wire models are available.

  • ►  Electrical • Connectors • Terminal Connectors 

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    Terminal Connectors

    Standard DIN rail terminal blocks (choose by block type), single level, triple level, ground, disconnect, and standard DIN rail terminal blocks (choose by component type) single level feed through, double level feed through, triple level feed through, mini and direct mount terminal blocks. Screwless DIN rail terminal blocks also available.

  • ►  Electrical • Cabinets & Enclosures • Terminal Boxes 

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    Terminal Boxes

    Automation Direct manufactures a wide variety of electrical products including electrical enclosures and terminal boxes in various sizes and shapes for electrical construction applications. Models include NEMA rated metal enclosures, non-metal enclosures, disconnect boxes, panel interface connectors and communication ports.

  • ►  Electrical • Cabinets & Enclosures • Enclosures 

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    Automation Direct manufactures NEMA electrical enclosures and industrial cabinets including metallic and non-metallic enclosures, electrical enclosures and industrial cabinets as well as a variety of disconnect enclosures such as wall mount, floor mount and free standing models.

  • ►  Electrical • Tools • Cutting Tools 

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    Cutting Tools

    Automation Direct offers a variety of electrical cutting tools including products for wire stripping and cutting. MOdels include wire and cable cutting and stripping multi tools, wire ferrules, open barrel cutters, ring fort assortment kits, crimping tools and more in a variety of sizes.

  • ►  Electrical • Tools • Screwdrivers 

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    Automation Direct carries a variety of tools including insulated screwdrivers for electrical maintenance uses. Models include insulated Phillips screwdrivers and insulated slotted screwdrivers in a variety of sizes.

  • ►  Electrical • Tools • Stripping Tools 

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    Stripping Tools

    Automation Direct offers a wide variety of electrical maintenance tools including a full line of wire stripping and crimping tools. Models include wire and cable multitools for cutting and stripping, crimping tools in varies sizes, crimping tool kits, insulate crimping tools and cable strippers in a variety of diameters. Automation Direct also offers cable crimping replacement blades and accessories.

  • ►  Electrical • Circuit Protection • Circuit Breakers 

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    Circuit Breakers

    Automation Direct offers a variety of circuit protection products including molded case circuit breakers, supplementary protectors, fuses and fuse holders. The BW Sweries molded case circuit breakers come in a variety of sizes up to 10 inches and come in various configurations such as DC shunt trip, AC shunt trip, DC undervoltage release an AC undervoltage release.

  • ►  Electrical • Circuit Protection • Fuses 

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    Automation Direct offers a variety of fuse and fuse holders. Products include fuses with current limiting in the following classes; J, RK5, CC, RK1, and M as well as small dimension electronic glass fuses, PLC spare fuses, GS drives fuse kits and spare fuses.

  • ►  Electrical • Motors & Motor Controls • Motor Controls 

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    Motor Controls

    Automation Direct offers a variety of motor control equipment including phase monitoring relays, motor control relays, alternating relay and pump failure relays. Other products include Fuji contractors and overloads, manual motor starters, Eaton starters and overloads, auxiliary contacts and AC motor soft starters.

  • ►  Electrical • Motors & Motor Controls • Motor Drives 

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    Motor Drives

    Automation Direct manufactures a variety of AC variable frequency motor drives, including single phase drives, 3-phase drives, sensorless vector drives and mini AC drives for a broad range of applications.

  • ►  Electrical • Motors & Motor Controls • Motor Protection Relays 

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    Motor Protection Relays

    Automation Direct offers a full line of motor protection relays and motor control relays including phase monitoring relays, alternating relays and pump seal failure relays. These products are available in 120V AC configurations and 600v Phase models for a wide range of applications.

  • ►  Electrical • Motors & Motor Controls • Motor Starters & Contactors 

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    Motor Starters & Contactors

    Automation Direct carries a wide selection of motor control products including various motor starters including fuju manual motor starters in 45mm and 55mm frame widths and compact 3 phase AC soft motor starters as well as a full line of mounting and connection accessories for motor starters.

  • ►  Electrical • Motors & Motor Controls • Motors 

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    Automation Direct carries a variety of motors including general purpose and inverter duty AC motors from fractional horse power up to 300 horse power models as well as general purpose DC motors such as permanent magnet DC motors with a horsepower range of .33 - 2 horse power. Automation direct also offers NEMA standard motor bases.

  • ►  Electrical • Wiring Devices • Timers 

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    Automation Direct's line of relay timing products includes electro0mechanical cube relays, latching octal relays, solid-state relays, electro-mechanical card relays, relay sockets and accessories, Koyo timer relays, fuji timer relays and mini din timer relays.

  • ►  Electrical • Sensors, Relays & Switches • Proximity Sensors 

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    Automation Select features many styles of proximity sensors, including AC and DC powered, short body round, analog output, stainless steel DC triple sensing, rectangular, miniature, and other models. The PY and PD Series of miniature, stainless steel sensors come in 3 , 4, or 5 mm diameters, and feature 0.6 mm standard sensing distance and 1 mm shielded extended sensing distance. Another choice is the 8 mm round, 3-wire DC AE Series, which includes the AE1 and AE6 models with 1.5 to 3 mm shielded sensing distances and 2.5 to 4 mm unshielded sensing distances; and the analog output AE9, with up to 4 mm shielded sensing distance. One last product line worth noting is the rectangular CR/DR/APS Series that includes the 0.8 to 1.5 mm-sensing, 5 x 5 x 25 mm body CR5; 1.5 to 2 mm-sensing, 8 x 8 x 40 mm body CR8; 3 mm shielded- and 6 mm-unshielded sensing DR10; and the compact (12 x 27 x 12 or 7 mm), polycarbonate housed APS.

  • ►  Electrical • Sensors, Relays & Switches • Switches 

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    Automation Direct carries a wide selection of electrical switches including 22mm metal switches, 22mm plastic switches and foot switches. Among these models are switches with a variety of features and functions including flush and extended pushbuttons, illuminated pushbuttons, emergency stop buttons, selector switches, start/stop combos, joysticks, potentiometers, metallic indicators and pushbutton accessories.

  • ►  Electrical • Sensors, Relays & Switches • Current Sensors 

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    Automation Direct produces current sensors including current sensing transducers and current switch models. The company's fixed core and split core current sensors feature input ranges from 2A to 2,000A, and current transducer output choices of 4 to 20 mA and 0-10 colt analog outputs. One of the AC current sensing transducers is designed for application on linear or sinusoidal AC loads.

  • ►  Electrical • Power Distribution • Transformers • Encapsulated Transformers 

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    Automation Direct is a distributor of NEMA 3R rated encapsulated transformers from Hammond. The HPS Fortress series are encapsulated power transformers with electrical grade silica sand and resin compounds. The NEMA 3R rating ensures that these potted transformers to be used as indoor/outdoor units.

  • ►  Motors • Small Motors 

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    Small motors can be used in a wide range of applications, including: household electronic appliances, handheld devices, motorized toys, small track drives, etc.

    Automation Direct offers small motors in the following configurations: inverter/vector duty AC, general purpose rolled-steel AC, general purpose DC, and general purpose cast-iron AC. IronHorse general purpose DC motors feature two-lead connections, dynamic braking options, high starting torques, and input power ratings up to 230 Volts. These motors can handle horsepower ratings up to 2 HP, full load torques up to 5.84 lb-ft, ambient operating temperatures up to 104°C, and overall speeds up to 2000 RPM. Applications include: reversing, dynamic braking, constant torques, adjustable speeds, turntables, and conveyors.

  • ►  Motors • Electric Motors • NEMA Motors 

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    Automation Direct offers Marathon NEMA premium efficiency XRI and Marathon blue chip XRI inverter-duty AC motors. Marathon NEMA premium efficiency XRI motors feature CSA certifications, ball bearings, F3 conduit boxes, C-face rigid base mounts, and Class F insulation. These motors can handle horsepower ratings ranging from 1 to 10 HP, and they have the following applications: direct-coupled equipment, machine tools, pumps, gear reducers, etc.

  • ►  Switches • Relays • Safety Relays 

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    Automation Direct offers safety relay modules in the following configurations: light curtain controllers, time delay, two-hand control, gate, and E-Stop. Dold LG5924 Series 1-Channel emergency stop relays feature short circuit detection, LED indicators, 2 NO contacts, and single channel operations. These relays can handle nominal frequencies up to 60 Hz, consumption ratings up to 230 VAC, operating temperatures ranging from 5 to 131°F, and control currents up to 24 VDC.

  • ►  Switches • Plunger Switches 

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    Plunger switches are generally 2 position environmentally sealed switches. Plunger switches are commonly offered in multiple pole configuration designs.

    Automation Direct is a supplier of mechanical and industrial parts and components. Product offerings include plunger style safety limit switches including features such as steel plungers, plastic housings, pull-reset and adjustable roller lever as well as vertical or horizontal arm levers.

  • ►  Power Transmission • Speed Reducers • Worm Gear Speed Reducers 

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    Automation Direct are suppliers of Iron Horse worm gear speed reducers in dual, right hand, and hollow shaft configurations. Four frame sizes are available, including 1.75", 2.06", 2.37", and 2.62". Ratios offered include 5:1, 10:1, 15:1, 20:1, 40:1, and 60:1.

  • ►  Meters • Gauges • Vacuum Gauges 

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    Automation Direct is a supplier of industrial control products. ProSense Dial pressure gauges are available for use a vacuum gauges with features such as steel cases, brass fittings, -30 to 0 inHg vacuum pressure range and sizes ranging from 1.5" to 2.5".