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Balluff, Inc.

Balluff, Inc. is a sensor manufacturer that provides products for object detection, linear position/measurement, industrial identification, networking/connectivity, and associated accessories.  Balluff's product offerings include: inductive proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, capacitive sensors, inductive distance sensors, photoelectric distance sensors, connectivity products, etc.  Balluff provides solutions for the assembly, automotive, metalforming, packaging, renewable energy, medical, and welding industries.

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  • ►  Motion Control • Feedback Devices • Positioning Sensors 

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    Positioning Sensors

    Balluff makes linear position transducers and potentiometers including standard rod, standard profile, tubular, and explosion proof models for lumber, plastic injection, blow molding, stamping, die casting and other automated applications.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Machine Vision • Machine Vision Systems 

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    Balluff is a manufacturer of machine vision sensors including the Sharpshooter system which combines vision capability and photoelectric sensor simplicity. This vision based sensor provides reliable error proofing and quality inspection anywhere. It can be used like a sensor, but provides far more functionality than any discrete sensor. It’s also far easier to use and more cost effective than more complex vision systems.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Machine Vision • Machine Vision Sensors 

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    Balluff's Sharpshooter sensor combines photoelectric sensor simplicity and vision capability, providing reliable error proofing and quality inspection.

  • ►  Sensors • Position Sensors 

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    Types include potentiometers, eddy-current sensors, capacitive transducers, linear variable differential transformers and more.

    Balluff offers a wide range of sensors for distance and position measurement, including a linear position transducer which offers absolute position feedback, with stroke lengths from 2" to 200". Inductive distance sensors provide analog output for short range distance measurement of metal targets, while photoelectric distance sensors provide analog output for short and long range measurement of targets, regardless of material. The company also manufactures magneto-inductive sensors and ultrasonic sensors.

  • ►  Sensors • Magnetic Sensors 

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    Types include magnetic proximity sensors, speed sensors, rotary position sensors, limit sensors, direction sensors and more.

    Balluff offers a variety of magnetic sensors, starting with inductive proximity sensors. These products emit alternating electro-magnetic sensing fields that trigger upon entrance of a metal target. Housing styles include standard and mini tubular and block styles, as well as cylinders  and large housings. The company also produces inductive distance sensors with Sn ranges from 2 mm to 50 mm, as well as magnetic field sensors that use magneto-resistive technology to detect piston magnets through the aluminum walls of pneumatic cylinders.

  • ►  Sensors • Ultrasonic Sensors 

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    Used to generate high frequency sound waves to calculate the time interval between sending and receiving the signal to determine distance to an object.

    For position detection, distance measurement and detection of solids, powders, or liquids, Balluff makes five series of ultrasonic sensors. Available series are the 200 mm range M12, 1,500 mm range M18, 3,500 mm range M30, 250 mm range 40.5x26x12, and 6,000 mm range 80x80x50. Particular features carried on certain models include hysteresis and Window functions, synchronization function, variable slope, and remote teach-in.

  • ►  Sensors • Photoelectric Sensors 

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    Used to detect distance, absence, or presence of an object by using a light transiter and a photoelectric receiver.

    Balluff Inc. manufactures nine types of photoelectric sensors including: tubular, block, light grid, slot, angle, window, fiber optic amplifier, machine vision, and fiber optics. The various sensors are used in a number of applications including: vial cap inspection, washdown sensors, bottle counting, blister pack cutting, pill counting/packaging, jar error proofing, color mark detection, separation of gaskets, alignment issues, part count monitoring, object positioning, color discrimination, parts-out sensing, parts thickness, position detection, conveyor part counting, sorting and feeding, solar glass detection, and weld seam verification.

  • ►  Sensors • Temperature Sensors • High Temperature Sensors 

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    Thermocouple and thermistor sensors are manufactured to measure the temperature while in a high temperature environment.

    Balluff Inc. manufactures SlagMaster coasted high temperature sensors that feature rated voltage of 24 VDC, and a temperature rating of -25C to 120C. With an IP 67 rating, the sensors are used in high ambient temperature environments and proximity to weld processes where high intermittent heat is present.

  • ►  Sensors • Distance Measuring Sensors 

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    Sensors for measuring the distance between two objects.

    Balluff have to types of distance sensors: inductive and photoelectric. Balluff's photoelectric distance sensors use a "time of flight" system to find targets from 1mm to 6m, or can employ visible red laser optics to identify targets at 20µm at ranges under 85mm. Balluff inductive analog sensors use Ultralinear technology to achieve precise measurements in aggressive or harmful environments.

  • ►  Sensors • Ultrasonic Sensors • Ultrasonic Object Detection Sensors 

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    Balluff Inc.'s line of ultrasonic sensors include sensors specifically designed for object detection. Available with M18, M30, and M12 housing sizes, the sensors feature maximum detection ranges of 1.5m, 2.5m, 6mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 400mm, and 600mm.

  • ►  Sensors • Position Sensors • Linear Position Sensors 

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    Balluff, Inc. offers Magneto-Restrictive and Magneto-Inductive linear position transducers. Generation 7 MicroPulse Magneto-Restrictive sensors have a 1" to 300" measurement length range, an M12/M16 connector, status/set-up LEDs, 150g of shock, 20g of vibration, and enhanced electromagnetic immunity. BIL Magneto-Inductive linear positioning sensors replace linear potentiometers, they have a rugged/compact housing, an output signal range from 0 to 10 V, and a 160 sa maximum working area.

  • ►  Switches • Proximity Switches • Inductive Proximity Switches 

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    Balluff offers inductive proximity switches used primarily in detecting metallic targets at short non-contacting ranges. Their sensors function in normally open, normally closed, & antivalent switching, with PNP, NPN, or 2-wire (AC or DC) outputs, and ranges at up to 45mm. Product trade names available are: Bunkerprox, Desina, Factor 1, GlobalProx, Proxinox®, Steelface, Strokemaster, High-End, TripleProx, and SlagMaster.