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Baum Hydraulics Corporation

Baum Hydraulics Corp. is a retail and wholesale distributor of hydraulic components of valves, cylinders, pumps, motors, hoses, etc. Since the 1960's Baum has been serving a broad array of businesses such as welding, machine shops, repair shops, and implement/equipment dealers. Baum products are used in a multitude of end-use applications from mobile equipment used in the agricultural, construction, mining, and utilities, to machinery used in the industrial field.

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P: 402-345-4122x800
F: 402-345-0663
1221 Harney St
Omaha, NE 68102


  • Entry in  Power Transmission • Sprockets 

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    Baum Hydraulics manufactures various sprockets including taper lock sprockets, stock sprockets, chain and roller chain sprockets including ANSI standard leaf chain sprockets, bored to size sprockets, conveyor pitch roller chain, double hubs, stainless steel sprockets, splined sleeves, QD sprockets and weld-on sprockets.

  • Entry in  Gaskets • Piston Rings 

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    Baum Hydraulics offer multiple sizes of cast iron piston rings, designed predominantly for hydraulic cylinder sealing.