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BJM Pumps, LLC

BJM Pumps is a supplier of submersible pumps for the municipal, chemical, construction, sewage, mining and process industries as well as electrical motor testers for a variety of industries. Pumps are offered in materials including 316 cast stainless steel, noryl, titanium and cast iron with power rating from 1/6th HP to 30HP.

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    BJM Pumps offer a variety of submersible pumps. De-watering pumps are available in high performance pumps, sump pumps and portable de-watering pumps in stainless steel for corrosive liquid applications. Agitator pumps are suited for sand, sludge and slurry removal with wear resistant impellers and agitators. Solids handling pumps feature vortex impeller pumps, grinder pumps and cutter/shredder action pumps for industrial, agricultural and domestic purposes. Chemical corrosion resistant pumps are ideal for waste water and corrosive liquid applications and feature stainless steel, titanium, Noryl, Viton, Buna N and EPDM materials.

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    BJM Pumps produces several series of sump pumps for sump applications. The KB series consist of heavy duty dewatering and light slurry agitator pumps for washing sumps. J Series include waste water and dewatering sump pumps with electric and submersible designs and motor rating of 1/2 to 10HP. The JH series include waste water adn dewatering sump pumps for high head applications. They feature stainless steel motor casings, hardware and impeller shafts as well and other cast iron parts.

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    BJM Pumps designs and manufactures submersible sump pumps including the J Series, which features maximum heads ranging from 35' to 110' and maximum GPMs ranging from 66 to 647. Available in single-phase and three-phase design, the J Series pumps can handle solids up to 1/8" to 3/8". The company's JH Series of sump pumps can handle solids up to 3/16" or 3/8", with maximum GPM ranging from 105 to 409. Both pump series are equipped with an overload protection that guards against low and high amperage, and excessive temperature.

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    BJM Pumps manufactures four series of heavy-duty submersible sewage/slurry pumps designed to handle abrasive applications found in mines, quarries, steel mills, and sewage treatment plants. The company's PiG pump is a horizontal submersible sewage pump designed to pump up to 3" solids, while keeping liquid levels low by pumping down to 7". BJM's KZN series and KZNR series of sewage pumps feature a maximum speed of 475 to 1690 GPM, and maximum head from 42' to 105'. The company's hydraulic version of the KZN series is ideal for sewage pumping applications where electric power is not available, or variable speed is needed.

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    BJM Pumps provides a large selection of corrosion-resistant, submersible chemical pumps in 316/304 stainless steel, titanium, Noryl, Viton, Buna N, and EPDM materials. Perfecta Series pumps feature thermal breakers, two discharge ports, alkalis/acid resistance, and a virtually unbreakable construction. These pumps can handle power ratings up to 0.4 HP, voltages up to 115V, heads up to 27', and flows up to 46 GPM. RX-Series 316 stainless steel pumps have top discharge/maximum motor cooling capabilities for continuous duty applications, e.g. corrosive water de-watering and environmental remediation.

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    BJM Pumps LLC providesheavy-duty submersible slurry pumps designed to pump sludge, sand, sewage and slurry. Used in mines, quarries, dredging applications, sewage treatment plants, and steel mills, the pumps feature top discharge and a slim design - which allows them to fit into tighter and thin spaces. The company's horizontal submersible slurry pumps can pump up to 3" solids and pump down to 7 inches.

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    BJM Pumps-brand electric submersible shredder pumps are explosion proof for use in Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D hazardous locations. The pumps feature impellers for municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastewater applications, and feature three seal motor protection. Pump specifications include: motor rating from 1 HP to 20 HP, maximum GPM from 95 to 911, and the ability to handle solids from 2" to 3.5" in diameter.

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    BJM Pumps LLC designs and manufactures a line of Fahrenheit high temperature pumps that can handle liquids up to 200F. Designed to pump non-corrosive or corrosive, solid lad or clear liquids, the pumps are constructed of cast iron or stainless steel. High temperature pump types include solids handling, high dewatering, shredder, high head dewatering, and slurry.

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    BJM Pumps LLC's 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel submersible chemical resistant pumps, transfer pumps, dewatering pumps, and shredder pumps are used within a number of industries including: metal plating, salt mining, plumbing, marine, agriculture, aquaculture, chemical, rental, utilities, and fire department.

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    BJM Pumps, LLC offers LWA light weight submersible, KB heavy duty submersible, JH high head effluent, and Baby Series small utility dewatering pumps. Pumps have motor ratings ranging from 2 to 15 HP, rated amps up to 16, and a maximum GPM of 409. Applications include: sand dewatering, silt dewatering, coal fine dewaterine, abrasive light slurry dewatering, basin settling, retention ponds, wash down sumps, gravel dewatering, barge cleanout, tank cleanout, etc. J and R series pumps are also offered by BJM.

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    BJM Pumps, LLC offers SV non-clog vortex impeller, SK explosion-proof shredder, and S Series single vane impeller pumps. Pumps have a motor rating range from 0.33 to 20 HP, a maximum GPM of 911, and a maximum head of 101'. Pumps ffeature a 304 stainless steel motor housing, NEMA Class F motor insulation allowing temperatures of up to 230°F, and a hardened cast iron pump construction.


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    BJM Pumps manufactures two series of corrosion resistant sump pumps constructed of titanium, 316 or 304 stainless steel. The pumps are ideal for effluent dewatering, corrosive sumps, chemical spill and collection sump applications. The perfect series features maximum head of 27 feet and 46 GPM maximum; while the JX series has maximum head of 110 feet and GPM up to 647. The company also produces a RX series that feature 316 stainless steel exposed parts. Theses pumps are used for corrosive water dewatering and environmental remediation applications.

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    BJM Pumps, LLC offers HAZ Series MSHA approved pumps. Features include: permissible heavy duty hard metal agitator, an iron impeller made of high-chrome, a volute made of hardened ductile iron, and a maximum GPM of 655. Pumps have motor ratings ranging from 5 to 10 HP, voltage ratings ranging from 230 to 460, and heads up to 61'.

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    BJM Pumps, LLC offers Perfecta Series non-metallic pumps for chemical applications. These pumps are virtually unbreakable, they are lightweight and compact, rust-resistant, they contain two discharge ports, and a thermal breaker incorporated into motor windings. Pumps have a horsepower rating of 0.4 HP, a 27' maximum head, a maximum of 46 GPM, and a voltage of 115.

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    BJM Pumps designs and manufactures 12 V submersible pumps are battery-operated and deliver up to 1,500 GPH or head up to 23'. Used for emptying pipe trenches, bailing out boats, and pumping flooded basements, the pumps feature non-metallic construction.

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    BJM Pumps, LLC offers SV Series, non-clog, electric submersible pumps for industrial waste, trash, sewage, and sludge applications. These pumps have motor ratings ranging from 0.33 to 10 HP, voltages ranging from 115 to 575, and rated amps ranging from 1.3 to 23.1. They have solids handling up to 3.5", heads up to 48', and GPMs up to 726. Pumps feature NEMA Class F insulations, a cast iron construction, double mechanical seals, and 304SS motor housings.

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    BJM Pumps, LLC offers heavy duty submersible sand, sludge, and slurry pumps for a wide range of abrasive applications, including: steel mills, sewage treatment plants, coal/ore slurries, dredging, quarries, mines, etc. HAZ Series heavy duty submersible pumps have motor ratings ranging from 5 to 10 HP, voltages ranging from 230 to 460, rated Amps ranging from 8.5 to 19.5, and discharge connections ranging from 3-4" NPT. These pumps can handle solids ranging from 0.875" to 1", heads ranging from 42' to 61', and flows ranging from 475 to 655 GPM.