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Blue Ribbon Fastener Co.

Blue Ribbon Fastener Co. is a supplier of bolts, component parts, screws, eyelets, nuts, pins, plastic caps, rivets, SEMs, spacers, U-bolts and washers. Custom parts are also available.

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P: 866-392-6635
F: 847-674-1489
8220 Kimball Ave.
Skokie, IL 60076

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  • ►  Fasteners • Washers 

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    A washer is a thin disk-shaped plate with a hole in the middle that is used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, such as a screw or nut.

    An independent distributor of C-class components, Blue Ribbon Fastener Co. supplies flat washers, lockwashers, metric washers, standard washers, and MIL-spec washers. Standard washer types include countersunk, fender, SAE, machine screw, medium split lock, external tooth lock, internal tooth lock, beveled, dock, USS flat, and shoulder.

  • ►  Fasteners • Washers • Lock Washers 

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    Blue Ribbon Fasteners offer a selection of lock washers including steel zinc external tooth, black zinc internal tooth, steel zinc countersunk external tooth, steel zinc/410 stainless helical heavy split and black oxide helical regular split.

  • ►  Fasteners • Washers • Metric Washers 

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    Blue Ribbon Fastener Company is a manufacturer of flat, split lock, and interior/exterior tooth lock washers. Blue Ribbon's split lock washers are made out of black oxide zinc material.

  • ►  Fasteners • Bolts • Carriage Bolts 

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    Blue Ribbon Fastener Co. offers carriage bolts in the following configurations: round head, low carbon square neck, Grade 5 square neck, Grade 8 square neck, flat head square neck, low carbon short neck, low carbon ribbed neck, and low carbon square neck. These bolts are constructed from 18-8 stainless steel, steel zinc, zinc yellow, and hot dipped galvanized materials.

  • ►  Fasteners • Screws • Machine Screws 

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    Blue Ribbon Fastener Co. offers machine screws in the following configurations: PCMS pan combo, FUMS-BO flat undercut phillips, FUMS-18-8 flat undercut phillips, F82MS-18-8 flat 82° phillips, and BUMS binding undercut phillips. These screws are constructed from 18-8 and black oxide materials. Blue Ribbon also offers pan slotted machine, 100° flat phillips, round slotted machine, pan phillips internal, pan Torx machine, hex unslotted machine, and oval phillips machine screws.

  • ►  Fasteners • Screws • Socket Head Cap Screws 

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    Blue Ribbon Fastener Co. offers flat and button head socket cap screws constructed from plain steel materials.

  • ►  Fasteners • Screws • Self Tapping Screws 

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    Blue Ribbon Fastener Co. type A/AB pan Phillips, type AB oval Phillips, type AB hex washer unslotted, type A/AB flat undercut Phillips, and type A/AB flat Phillips self-tapping screws. These screws are constructed from black oxide and 18-8 stainless steel materials. Blue Ribbon also offers Type AB oval undercut Phillips, Type AB truss Phillips, Type AB hex washer slotted, Type AB serrated hex wash slot, etc.

  • ►  Fasteners • Washers • Countersunk Washers 

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    Blue Ribbon Fastener Co. offers washers and lock-washers in a wide range of models, including: machine screw, fender, SAE flat, USS flat, helical regular, external tooth, helical regular split, external-internal combo, etc. These washers are constructed from black oxide, 18-8 stainless steel, 310 stainless steel, 410 stainless steel, zinc yellow, black zinc, steel zinc, and hot dip galvanized materials.

  • ►  Fasteners • Stainless Steel Fasteners 

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    Fasteners constructed from stainless steel: a rust, corrosion, and stain-resistant material that is commonly found in military, aerospace, commercial, and OEM applications.

    Blue Ribbon Fastener Co. offers anchors, blind rivets, and machine screws. These anchors are constructed from a wide range of materials, including: 18-8 stainless steel, mandrel, steel zinc, lead, zamac, nylon, 303/304 stainless steel, aluminum, copper, steel zinc, etc. Machine screws are offered in the following types: round slotted, pan slotted, fillister slotted, flat undercut slotted, round phillips, truss phillips, pan Torx, round combination, etc.

  • ►  Fasteners • Screws • Thread Cutting Screws 

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    Blue Ribbon Fastener Co. is a distributor of industrial hardware and fasteners. Thread cutting screws are available in head stlyes including flat phillips, U-cut  phillips, undercut phillips, hex, hex slotted, hex washer, oval phillips, pan phillips and man others. Thread cutting screws are available in materials such as stainless steel, black oxide, zinc, steel zinc and others.

  • ►  Fasteners • Washers • Stainless Steel Washers 

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    Blue Ribbon Fastener Co. offers standard, flat, metric, lock and mil-spec stainless steel washers. These washers can be made of stainless steel, steel zinc, black oxide or a number of other materials.