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Blue Sea Systems

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P: 360-738-8230
P: 800-222-7617
F: 360-734-4195
425 Sequoia Dr.
Bellingham, WA 98226

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    Circuit Breakers

    Blue Sea Systems makes AC and DC electrical circuit breakers using toggle, rocker, and push-button actuators, as well as a Residual Current Rocker circuit breaker available with one pole (15A/5mA leakage trip) or two poles (30A/30mA leakage trip) with interrupt ratings of 5000A AC. Circuit breaker lockout slides and panel mount circuit breakers (with on/off rocker switches) are also available. The PN 1119 is a 12 Volt DC 20 position/230 Volt AC main panel.

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    Blue Sea Systems provides a variety of thermal fuses including ATO/ATC, MAXI™, SEA, Terminal, Class T, and ANL (250 amp) fuses. Fuse blocks offered include the ST Glass and ST blade fuse block, the MAXI™ fuse block, the SEA fuse block, Terminal, Class T, and ANL fuse blocks. Electrical fuse panels include Weatherdeck™ waterproof fuse panels (2,4,6 and 8 positions) and Contura waterproof fuse panels (3,4,6 and 8 positions). Fuses for small electronic devices are available.