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BMB Fasteners

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P: 877-400-7567
F: 973-256-0032
86 Lackawanna Ave.
Suite 208
West Paterson, NJ 07424

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  • ►  Aerospace • Fasteners 

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    Aerospace fasteners are made from a variety of durable materials to fasten various aircraft parts.

    BMB Fasteners distributes MS, M, D, AN, AS, NA, BAC, LN, NAS, and NSA certified fastener products including screws, nuts, bolts, washers, and pins.

  • ►  Fasteners • Rivets 

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    Rivets are permanent mechanical fasteners with a head on one end and a buckled tailed created on installation.

    BMB Fasteners distributes solid, tubular, blind, and large flange rivets manufactured by Pop, Cherry, Marson, Huck, Celus, Gesipa, and Avdel/Avex. The rivets are used within the aerospace, medical, marine, commercial, construction and military industries.

  • ►  Fasteners • Rivets • Solid Rivets 

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    BMB Fasteners manufactures rivets in the following configurations: solid, large flange, blind, semi-tubular, Gesipa, huck/automatic, cherry, Pop, etc.

  • ►  Fasteners • Screws • Captive Screws 

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    BMB Fasteners offers captive screws in hex, fillister and other head styles as well as a variety of different lengths and threads.