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Boca Bearing Company

Boca Bearing Company manufactures a number of miniature bearings for bicycle, F1, fishing reel, go kart, industrial, inline skate, longboard, motorcycle, brushless motor, RC car and truck, RC engine RC helicopter, RC jet turbine, RC motorcycle, robotics, soapbox derby, solar car, and yoyo applications.

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P: 561-998-0004
P: 800-332-3256
F: 561-998-0119
F: 800-409-9191
755 N.W. 17th Ave.
Suite 107
Delray Beach, FL 33445


  • Entry in  Bearings • Ceramic Bearings 

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    Boca Bearing offers angular contact full, insert full, self aligning full, and radial full ceramic ball bearings. Angular contact types are excellent for high temperature and high speed applications. Silicon Nitride and Silicon Carbide are typical materials used. Insert full ceramic bearings are also excellent in high temperature situations and can be lubricated with high speed oil.

  • Entry in  Bearings • Hobby Bearings 

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    Boca manufactures miniature bearings for hobby and recreation uses, including radio control vehicles, rollerblades and specialized applications that include aerospace vehicles and other terrain specific applications. Products include ceramic ball bearings in various sizes, replacement balls and lubricants.

  • Entry in  Bearings • Hobby Bearings • One Way Bearings 

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    Boca manufactures one way bearings used in paper moving, exercise equipment, appliance, tow-speed gearbox, rack indexing drive, converter, fishing reel, RC car, RC helis, and RC engine applications. These one way bearings feature a temperature range of -30 C to 120 C, are available as clutch-only or as a clutch and bearing assembly, and are suitable for transmitting high torque.

  • Entry in  Bearings • Mounted Bearings 

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    Boca offers various miniature bearings, including flange mounted designbs available in 2, 3, or 4-hole configurations. Flange types available include ball, needle roller, plain and roller bearings available in sizes ranging from 0.0625" to 1.25".

  • Entry in  Bearings • Rubber Bearings 

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    Boca Bearing Company offers pressure roller bearings. Pressure roller bearings are coated with urethane rubber and fixed by special processing on the outer ring to keep rotation accuracy. Pressure roller bearings are used in industrial and desktop printers, robotics, ATMs, etc. Dimensions range from 3 x 10 x 4, up to 6 x 20 x 5.

  • Entry in  Bearings • High Speed Bearings 

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    Boca offers MDS 58, Evolution 36 NT, and Chapman DC 60 high speed RC engine bearings. Model MDS 58 high speed RC engine bearing kits feature C3 fittings, high speed retainers, steel balls, and <15% RPMs. These products are ideal for applications requiring strong lightweight retainers.

  • Entry in  Bearings • Unground Bearings 

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    Boca Bearing Company manufactures unground thrust bearings from 52100 chrome steel materials. These bearings are self contained, they feature ball rolling element types, and working temperatures of up to 121°C. Bearings have widths up to 0.4370, outer diameters up to 1.2650, and inner diameters up to 0.5000.

  • Entry in  Bearings • Ball Bearings • Plastic Ball Bearings 

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    Boca offers plastic ball bearings for wash-down, salt water, harsh chemical, high speed, heavy load, and extreme temperature applications. These products have a low coefficient of friction, can withstand heavy load requirements, and can operate without lubrication.