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Bosch Rexroth is one of the world's leading specialists in the field of drive and control technologies. Product categories include: accumulators, aluminum profile, ball rail systems, control units, cylinders, deburring systems, I/O, identification systems, industrial PCs, linear bushings/shafts, manual production systems, connection technology/profiles, etc. Bosch serves a wide variety of industries, including: agricultural/forestry machines, aluminum, dredge technology, energy technology, truck, textiles, solar, stage technology, mining, etc.

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  • ►  Bearings • Linear Bushings 

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    Linear bushings are independent plain bearings that can be inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for rotary applications.

    Bosch Rexroth manufactures a variety of linear bushings and slides with designs and variations to meet all applications. Linear bushings available include standard range, miniaturized configurations, eLINE bushings and shafts, and shafts with a variety of tolerances made of heat-treatment steel, stainless steel and hard chromium plating.

  • ►  Motion Control • Linear Shafting 

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    Shafting is a linear drive component that is critical for motion transfer in motion control systems and machinery.

    Rexroth Bosch offers linear bushings and shafts in over 1,000 designs and variations to meet almost all applications. Products offered include a standard range of linear bushings and shafts, linear bushings and shafts in miniaturized configurations, an eLINE Series of bushings and shafts supplied in a clearance-free configurations, and steel shafts with a variety of tolerances made of heat-treated steel, stainless steel and hard chromium plating.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Automotive Manufacturing • Automotive Manufacturing Systems 

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    Automotive Manufacturing Systems

    Rexroth Bosch Group offers automation equipment for automobile manufacturing for applications including press shop, paint shop, body shop, power train assembly, final assembly, powertrains engines, and transmissions.

  • ►  Bearings • Slide Bearings 

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    Designed to provide moving parts free motion in one dimension. Slide bearings come in a variety of ball bearing and roller configurations.

    Bosch Rexroth produces 6mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm slide bearings. All the slide bearings are suitable for drawers and sliding or lifting doors, and are ideal for applications where two profiles need to be moved manually along the same plane. They are also all made with Delrin for low friction and long service life.

  • ►  Valves • Hydraulic Valves • Directional Control Hydraulic Valves 

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    Directional Control Hydraulic Valves

    Bosch Rexroth designs and manufactures hydraulic directional control valves available in sizes 6, 8, and 10-52.  The directional control valves are available as pressure release, proportional, and servo solenoid valve types, and work in a number of closed loop applications. The various hydraulic valves feature maximum operating pressure of 4600 psi or 5076 psi.

  • ►  Valves • Hydraulic Valves • Proportional Control Hydraulic Valves 

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    Proportional Control Hydraulic Valves

    Bosch Rexroth manufactures proportional control hydraulic valves including directional control, high response control, flow control, pressure relief, pressure reducing and servo valves. The hydraulic proportional control valves are available in sizes 6 and 10 to 52 - with maximum operating pressure up to 5076 psi and maximum flow up to 180 L/min (47 gpm).

  • ►  Pumps • Gear Pumps 

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    Used to pump fluid via displacement. Gear pumps are frequently used to pump viscous chemicals.

    Bosch Rexroth designs & manufactures hydraulic, fixed displacement internal and external gear pumps for industrial applications. The pumps are available in sizes from 1.7 to 40.  The company also produces Gerotor pumps that feature maximum operating pressure of 15 bar and maximum displacement of 140cm3.

  • ►  Motion Control • Guides/Rails 

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    Rails and guides are used in a variety of motion control applications to guide moving parts in automated systems.

    Rexroth offers ball ball rail systems in the following configurations: mineral casting, integrated measurement, gear rack, miniaturized, corrosion-resistant, and wide.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Computer Automation • Programmable Controllers 

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    Programmable Controllers

    Rexroth Bosch Group manufactures a variety of PLCs including the IndraLogic PLC system which features a high performance innovative control platform, scalable PLC functionality, comprehensive software modules for motion-control, quick expansion and easy connection for I/O and function modules and easy integration for HMI solutions.

  • ►  Motion Control • Actuators • Ball Screw Actuators 

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    Ball screw assemblies from Rexroth Bosch come in a wide array of models including the standard range with preloaded or adjustable nuts, eLine ball screws, drive units with ball screws and electromechanical ball screw actuators for a variety of industrial applications.

  • ►  Valves • Pneumatic Valves 

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    Pneumatic valves are used in a variety of applications including high speed combustion engines including high performance race engines.

    Bosch Rexroth manufactures pneumatic directional, flow and check valves. The pneumatic directional valves offers a unique set of characteristics and flow ratings. The pneumatic flow and check valves are divided into six subclasses: check-choke, throttle, non-return, quick exhaust, ball/shut-off, and logic valves.

  • ►  Motion Control • Ball & Lead Screws 

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    Ball screws are mechanical devices that translate rotational motion to linear motion while maintaining a low level of friction.

    Rexroth Ball Screw Assemblies work with greater levels of accuracy and at higher speeds, and can also be supplied at very short notice. Available in a wide range of precision screws and preloaded or adjustable-preload single and double nuts is available for all feeding, positioning and conveying tasks.

  • ►  Motion Control • Slides 

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    Motion control slides are used in positioning systems to provide smooth linear motion for a variety of applications.

    Rexroth offers the SGK Ball Screw Driven Module that features Super Linear Bushings for smooth running and long life, precision ball screw assembly with tolerance class T7 with clearance-free nut, and are available without drive unit for custom drive systems.

  • ►  Pumps • Hydraulic Pumps 

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    Hydraulic pumps are built for use in hydraulic drive systems and are used as gear pumps, gerotor pumps screw pumps and more.

    Rexroth offers vane, swash-plate, radial piston, gear, and bent axis hydraulic pumps. Model PVV/PVQ fixed displacement vane pumps can handle flows ranging from 26 to 100 l/min, speeds ranging from 600 to 2500 RPM, and displacement ratings ranging from 18 to 193 cm3. These pumps feature a compact design, optional drive shafts, clockwise/anti-clockwise rotations, low wear, and a long bearing life. They have fixed displacement operation applications.

  • ►  Valves • Hydraulic Valves • Spool Hydraulic Valves 

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    Bosch Rexroth offers directional control valves. Valves come in sizes from 4 to 32, and they have porting patterns to DIN 24340 from A and ISO 4401. Valves have applications for direct operated, directional poppet valves, directional spool valves, sandwich plate valves, etc.

  • ►  Bearings • Bushings • Metric Bushings 

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    Bosch Rexroth offers a variety of metric bushings, including metric series linear sets, open type linear, and closed type linear. Bushings feature steel snap or wiper-type seal rings, anti-friction bearing steel balls, size 5 and 8 steel ball retainers, ground/hardened outer sleeves, and more.

  • ►  Motors • Hydraulic Motors • Hydraulic Piston Motors 

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    Bosch Rexroth offers a variety of radial piston motors for hydraulics applications. MCR 03 radial piston motors range in size from 160 to 400, they have a maximum output torque of 2300 Nm, speeds up to 875 RP, a multi-stroke design, and open/closed circuits. These motors have a variety of hydraulics applications, including: oilfield, mining, material handling, forestry, construction, and agriculture.

  • ►  Bearings • Linear Bearings • Linear Roller Bearings 

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    Tychoway linear roller bearings, from the Bosch Rexroth Group, are used for low friction and high load capacity for accurate positioning in machine slides. They virtually eliminate the "stick-slip phenomenon".

  • ►  Motors • Hydraulic Motors • Axial Hydraulic Motors 

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    Bosch Rexroth offers axial piston variable motors in a variety of configurations. Model A6VM variable displacement motors feature high power densities, a wide control range, good slow-running/starting characteristics, a large variety of controls, and high pressure applications. These motors come in sizes ranging from 60 to 280, nominal pressure ratings up to 6500 PSI, peak pressures up to 7250 PSI, and open/closed circuit options.

  • ►  Power Transmission • Gearmotors & Drives 

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    Gear motors are small motors constructed with integral gear reducers, and drives are systems used for controlling motor speed.

    Bosch Rexroth offers planetary gear drives for mobile/industrial equipment and gear drives for wind turbines. Gear drives for wind turbines are highly efficient, easy to mount, quiet operating, compact, space-saving, and robust. These gearboxes have ratios from 62 to 1671, static output torques from 3 to 110 kNm, power ratings ranging from 660 to 5,000 kW, and a 2-4 stage planetary construction. They are commonly used for yaw and pitch adjustment in wind turbine applications.

  • ►  Pumps • Gear Pumps • Internal Gear Pumps 

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    Bosch Rexroth offers internal gear pumps in three fixed displacement models. The PGF comes in frame sizes of 1, 2 and 3. The PGH-2X comes in 2, 3, 4 and 5 frame sizes with max. operating pressure of 350 bar and max. displacement volume 250 cm³.