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Cables To Go offers: testers, tools, PC cables, KVM cables, power cords, surges, HDMI, FireWire, fiber cables, bulk cables, connectors, adapters, A/V cables, Ipod/Iphone/MP3 items, etc. Cables To Go provides solutions for the hospitality, healthcare, education, and digital signage markets.

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  • ►  Connectors • DIN Connectors 

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    DIN connectors are a type of standardized connector used for digital signals, analog audio and various computing uses.

    Din Connectors: 5 Pin and 6 Pin Connectors and 4 Pin, 6 Pin & 8 Pin Mini. Available in male and female configurations and arranged in a round format. Applications include keyboard, mouse, video, and Apple computers.

  • ►  Connectors • Cable Connectors 

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    Cable connectors including connectors for audio, power, aerospace, military, medical, telecom and automotive applications.

    Cables to Go manufactures cable connectors for computer, networking and audio video applications. The company's connector types include: audio connectors, coaxial connectors, F-type connectors, PC connectors, and video connectors.

  • ►  Connectors • Crimp Connectors 

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    Applications include screw terminals, quick disconnect terminals, wire splices, fast-on and spade foot type terminals.

    Cables To Go is a distributor of crimp connectors in BNC and male configurations. BNC types are single crimp connectors for RG6/U or RG59/U coax cable. Male types are crimp-on connectors for plenum-rated cable.

  • ►  Connectors • Connector Distributors 

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    This section offers a list of distributors that carry various connectors for industrial application. Search by state or city.

    Distributor of a wide range of Cables, Cables To Go also distributes several different types of Electronic Cables to fulfill all of your Cable needs.

  • ►  Connectors • BNC Connectors 

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    BNC Connectors are used for serial digital interface (SDI) video signals, aviation electronics and more.

    BNC connectors and products available include female to female in-line adapter, female to female bulkhead connector, T-adapter female/male/female, RG58 female twist-on connectors, RG58 terminator, RG58 male crimp connector for plenum cable, RG58 male crimp connectors, RG58 male twist-on connector, RG59/62 male twist-on connectors, and RG59/62 male crimp-on connectors for plenum cable.

  • ►  Connectors • RJ-45 Connectors 

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    RJ45 connectors are most commonly found on the ends of telephone wires and are used for voice and data transmission.

    Cables To Go distributes a variety of RJ-45 connector products including  Cat5 8x8 modular plugs for round stranded cable, Cat5E modular plugs for round solid/stranded cable,  10x10 modular plus for round stranded cable, and  shielded Cat5 modular plugs for round solid cables.

  • ►  Connectors • Coaxial Connectors • F-Style Connectors 

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    F Connectors

    Cables To Go is a supplier of various F-type (RG59 and RG6) connectors and adapters including hex crimp, compression, twist-on, male crimp, and crimp-on types. The SonicWave F-type male connectors are for use on cables up to 8.5mm outer diameter.

  • ►  Connectors • BNC Connectors • Right Angle Connectors 

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    Right Angle Connectors

    Cables To Go offers 20-packs of right angle compression BNC connectors for miniature coaxial cable found in home theater and broadcast video applications.

  • ►  Electrical • Connectors • Cable Connectors 

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    Cable Connectors

    Manufacturer of custom and stock cable connector products, including BNC, D-sub, 5-pin and 6-pin DIN, F-type, flat ribbon, 4-pin, 6-pin and 8-pin mini DIN, modular plugs (RJ45 & RJ11/12), RCA plug connectors, speaker cable connectors, twinaxial couplers and 100 ohm terminators. RJ45 8x8 modular plugs for solid flat cable and wifi adapters are available.

  • ►  Electrical • Connectors • Ribbon Connectors 

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    Ribbon Connectors

    Suppliers of ribbon connectors and accessories. Offered ribbon connectors include 19-Pin Dual IDE Drive Flat Ribbon Cable, 26-Pin Female IDC Flat Ribbon Connector Keyed, 68-Pin SCSI-3 Male IDC Flat Ribbon Connector, and many more.

  • ►  Electrical • Data & Telecom • Computer Cables 

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    Computer Cables

    Cables To Go manufactures an assortment of computer cables including Cat5e & Cat6 Cables, Serial ATA Cables & Supplies, internal power cables, SCSI cables, wifi cables, printer cables and many other cables for computers.