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Canfield Connector manufactures modules, specialty electronic devices, sensors, connectors, electronic timers, and interconnection devices targeted at the fluid power industry. Canfield promises total customer satisfaction through integrity, service, products, and unmatched quality.

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  • ►  Connectors • DIN Connectors 

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    DIN connectors are a type of standardized connector used for digital signals, analog audio and various computing uses.

    DIN Connectors: 43650/ISO 4400 Solenoid Sub-Micro; Molded Solenoid; Built-In Surge Suppression; Multiple Control, Special Electronic Circuit, Male, and Built-In Rectifier Connectors.

  • ►  Sensors • Magnetic Sensors 

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    Types include magnetic proximity sensors, speed sensors, rotary position sensors, limit sensors, direction sensors and more.

    Canfield Connector offers several magnetic sensors for different application needs. The Series 7GL and 7HL proximity sensors provide 85 Gauss sensitivity and are operational up to 30 G shock and 20 G vibration; because the 7HL is meant for hazardous locations, it is also NEMA 1, 4, and 13 rated. Reed and electronic magnetic sensors are also available under the Series 8, from the compact 8D that senses pneumatic cylinder position, to the IP67-rated 8E linear actuator magnetic sensor for harsh industrial applications. Another magnetic sensor is the Series 9C, a compact, universal, magnetically-operated proximity switch commonly used on aluminum, extruded profile type linear actuators, equipped with magnetic pistons; it is available in standard 9 ft. PVC wired or optional 8 mm quick connect.

  • ►  Switches • Proximity Switches 

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    A proximity sensor is able to detect the presence of nearby objects, and open or close an electrical circuit without any physical contact via an electromagnetic/electrostatic field.

    The 9M50 magnetic proximity switch is available from Canfield Connector. This compact, full featured part is designed to fit the D-shaped groove detail designed into linear actuators, allowing it to be inserted anywhere along the linear actuator. The switch is available in reed and electronic styles, either NPN or PNP, and is encapsulated to meet IP67 NEMA6 environmental protection. Capable of operating from -10 to +70 degrees Celsius, it withstands shocks up to 30G (reed) or 50G (electronic), vibration up to 9G, and sensitivity to 60 gauss parallel (reed) or 40 gauss parallel (electronic).

  • ►  Switches • Magnetic Switches 

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    Magnetic switches are operated by an applied magnetic field and can be used for a wide array of applications.

    Canfield Connector manufactures 9M50 magnetic proximity switches that fit a "D" shaped groove detail that's designed into linear actuators. Magnetic switches feature voltage ranges from 5 to 120 VAC/DC in multiple versions, maximum current draw of 200 mA, and temperate range of -10 to 70C. All switch versions are designed to meet NEMA 6/IP67 specifications.

  • ►  Switches • Proximity Switches • Magnetic Proximity Switches 

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    Canfield offers multiple magnetic proximity switches and sensors to include: reed, electronic, weld field immune, general or hazardous location, and cylindrical types. Their 9M50 model fits a "D" shaped grove in linear actuators. comes in PNP or NPN variations, encapsulated in robust epoxy meeting IP67 & NEMA 6 requirements, has a 5-120V (AC/DC) range with a 200mA max current draw, and either a 9ft PVC or 8mm quick-connect male pigtale.