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CDM Electronics, Inc.

CDM Electronics, Inc. offers a variety of products, including: cables, wires, assemblies, connectors, tools, harnessing, and tubing. Services offered by CDM include: wire harness assemblies, ribbon cable assemblies, RF coaxial assemblies, mini D ribbon assemblies, custom box builds, heavy duty power assemblies, etc.

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  • ►  Connectors • Electrical/Electronic Connectors 

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    Electronic connectors are used for a wide variety of industrial applications including I/O, PCB, display connections and more.

    Many electrical and electronic connectors available including relay sockets, rack & panel connectors, circular connectors, RF connectors,  printed circuit connectors, audio communications connectors and coaxial connectors & cordsets. Connectors for military and commercial applications are also available.

  • ►  Connectors • Aircraft Connectors 

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    Connectors for various aircraft components. Includes hermetic, mil-spec and brand specific connectors.

    CDM Electronics distributes aircraft and military connectors manufactured by Corsair and MIL-SPEC. Corsair electrical aircraft products include MIL-DTL-5015 and MIL-DTL-26482 types that feature rear release contact retention, and various shell sizes, insert arrangements, and contact sizes. The MIL-SPEC military types include M55302, M22992, D38999, MIL-C-26482, MIL-C-24308, MIL-DTL-24308, and nearly 30 other military types.


  • ►  Connectors • Coaxial Connectors 

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    Coaxial connectors connect coaxial cables which are used to transmit a variety of computer, video and audio signals.

    CDM Electronics is a distributor of coaxial connectors, cable and cable assemblies from Corsair, Times Microwave, Delta, Winchester, Cooper, EZ Form, and others. CDM also carries a variety of Mil-Spec connectors.

  • ►  Connectors • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Connectors • D-Subminiature Connectors 

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    CDM Electronics distributes a large selection of connectors including D-subminiature and milspec connectors in a wide variety of sizes and configurations from manufacturers including Corsair, Delta, Winchester, Cooper, Hypertronics and more.

  • ►  Aerospace • Cable Assemblies 

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    Cable assemblies are strings of cables that transmit information or operating currents. The cables are bonded by clamps, ties or sleeves.

    CDM Electronics operates a cable assembly division that provides a number of services including custom box builds, heavy-duty power assemblies, intermediate power assemblies, mini D ribbon assemblies, RF coaxial assemblies, ribbon cable assemblies, and wire harness assemblies for the military, aerospace, and commercial aircraft markets.

  • ►  Connectors • Cable Connectors 

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    Cable connectors including connectors for audio, power, aerospace, military, medical, telecom and automotive applications.

    CDM Electronics supplies cable connectors manufactured by Corsair Electrical Connectors, Times Microwave, Delta Electronics, Winchester Electronics, EZ Form Cable Corporation, Cooper Interconnect, Adam Tech, and Hypertronics.  The Times Microwave-supplied connectors are flexible and semi-rigid coaxial cable-type intended for RF transmission from HF to microwave frequencies. Winchester Electronics cable connectors include board to board connectors, RF connectors, input/output connectors, power connectors, and quick connect connectors. EZ Form-brand connectors are semi-rigid cables capable of being easily bent to finished shape. Cable connectors types include RF and quick snap. Cooper Interconnect cable connector type in stock include: audio, subminiature, filtered-audio, power, and U-type. CDM distributes cable connectors to the aerospace, military, medical, telecom, automotive, industrial, commercial, and alternative energy industries.

  • ►  Connectors • Connector Distributors 

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    This section offers a list of distributors that carry various connectors for industrial application. Search by state or city.

    Distributor of many different interconnect products, supplied by such major Manufacturers as WPI, Viking, Times Microwave, Winchester and Continental Connectors.

  • ►  Connectors • Circular Connectors 

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    Circular connectors are round shaped connectors most commonly used in electronics applications.

    CDM Electronics, Inc. offers MIL-DTL-5015 Series III and MIL-DTL-26482 Series 2 Circular Connectors. MS3454 single hole mount receptacles features a threading coupling mechanism, a rear release contact retention system, 14 shell sizes, polarization by insert (per MIL-STD-1669), and multiple gauge crimp contacts (per MIL-C-39029). These connectors are constructed from a variety of materials, including: carbon steel, cadmium, aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, etc. MS3470 Narrow Flange Recepticles feature environment fluorosilicone elastomers, polarization by insert rotation (per MIL-STD-1669), a bayonet coupling mechanism, and a rear release contact retention system. These connectors are constructed from nickel, aluminum, and stainless steel materials.

  • ►  Aerospace • Aircraft Connectors 

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    Electronic and electrical connectors specifically designed to endure the environmental conditions associated with avionics such as low temperature and high acceleration forces.

    CDM Electronics, Inc. is a stocking distributor of aircraft connectors as well as other related components. Available aircraft connectors feature pin and socket connections, and a wide variety of sizes.

  • ►  Connectors • Bus Connectors 

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    Bus connectors are electronic connectors used for data transfer in computer applications. USB is currently the most common type of bus connector.

    CDM Electronics, Inc. offers field bus connectors for intelligent power supply systems.

  • ►  Connectors • Rectangular Connectors 

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    Rectangular connectors feature a rectangular shape with parallel side being equal in length.

    CDM Electronics, Inc. offers Micross brand rectangular connectors in the following configurations: two-piece printed circuit plug, one-piece printed circuit receptacle, micro-miniature, sub-miniature, miniature, rack and panel, etc.

  • ►  Connectors • Harsh Environment Connectors 

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    Connectors that are specifically designed for applications with exposure to extreme temperature, vibration, moisture, radiation, dust and other factors.

    CDM Electronics, Inc. offers MIL-DTL-22992 cylindrical connectors for the following harsh environment/mission-critical applications: marine, air force, navy, army, and military. These connectors come in conductor sizes ranging from 5 to 40, current ranges from 40 to 200 Amps, and shell sizes ranging from 28 to 52. Connectors feature double stub coupling threads, and they are manufactured from nickel, silver, copper alloy, aluminum, and high-strength materials.

  • ►  Connectors • Card Edge Connectors 

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    Card edge connectors are used for connecting printed wiring leads on the edge of a printed circuit board (PCB).

    CDM Electronics, Inc. offers card edge connectors in a variety of configurations. C-Press card edge connectors feature operating temperatures ranging from -55 to +105°C, insulation resistance ratings up to 5,000 Megohms, current ratings ranging from 1 to 3 Amps, insertion force ratings up to 40 lbs, and contact resistance ratings up to 11 Milliohms. These connectors are reliable, compliant, mass terminated, attractive, and they come pre-assembled.

  • ►  Connectors • Coaxial Connectors • SMA Connectors 

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    CDM Electronics, Inc. offers SMA connectors in a wide range of configurations. E-Line brass SMA connectors come in sizes ranging from 0.500 x 0.340 x 0.102 to 0.625 x 0.481 x 0.102, they have 5 or 92 mounting figures, and a gold plated construction.

  • ►  Electrical • Connectors • Cable Connectors 

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    Cable Connectors

    Supplier of cable connector products, including circular connectors, rack and panel connectors, RF (radio frequency) connectors and audio communications connectors. Coaxial cable available.

  • ►  Electrical • Connectors • Coaxial Connectors 

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    Coaxial Connectors

    Distributor of coaxial connectors, RF connectors (WSML, BMA, SMA, SMB, MCX, MMCX, and N-Series), pinned connectors, relay sockets, and rack and panel connectors.  Mil specs available (MIL-C-12520, MIL-C-5518, MIL-C-55116, MIL-C-10544, MIL-E-5372, MIL-STD-202).

  • ►  Electrical • Connectors • Pin Connectors 

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    Pin Connectors

    Distributor of many different connector types including Circular, Coaxial, Printed Circuit, Rack & Panel, as well as RF. Pin connectors and relay sockets are made available for a number of different applications, including high temperature, high performance, testing and semi-rigid cables among others.  Some of the manufacturers carried include Times Microwave, WPI, Viking & Winchester. 

  • ►  Electrical • Connectors • Waterproof Connectors 

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    Waterproof Connectors

    Distributor of coaxial connectors, RF connectors (WSML, BMA, SMA, SMB, MCX, MMCX, and N-Series), pinned connectors, relay sockets, and rack and panel connectors.  Mil specs available (MIL-C-12520, MIL-C-5518, MIL-C-55116, MIL-C-10544, MIL-E-5372, MIL-STD-202).