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Curtiss-Wright Corp.

Curtiss-Wright Corporation, located in New Jersey, is a provider of engineered products and services, specializing in severe service valves, pumps, controls and electronics for critical national defense programs and commercial markets.

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P: 973-541-3700
F: 973-541-3699
4 Becker Farm Rd Fl 3
Roseland, NJ 07068


  • Entry in  Aerospace • Actuators 

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    Curtiss-Wright Corp. provides commercial aerospace and military aerospace actuators including: secondary flight control actuation systems, electromechanical trim actuators, utility actuation systems, weapons bay door actuation systems, electromechanical actuators, and leading edge flap actuation systems.

  • Entry in  Sensors • Position Sensors • Tilt Sensors 

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    Curtiss-Wright Controls are designers and manufacturers of tilt sensors for rugged operating applications, such as road construction equipment, cranes and booms, scissor lifts, agricultural vehicles, container handling and hydraulic lift systems.

  • Entry in  Motors • Motor Controllers 

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    Curtiss-Wright Controls has designed a family of digital servo motor controllers that provide single, dual and quad-axis motion and position control for military ground vehicle applications.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Motion Control Systems 

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    Curtiss-Wright offers engineered motion control systems for applications such as industrial actuation, commercial and military aircraft utility actuation and secondary flight controls, armored vehicle suspension & turret stabilization, shipboard landing systems, and more.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Actuators • Rotary Actuators 

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    Curtis Wright Controls Inc. manufactures rotary actuators used in commercial and military aircraft. The actuators position a wing's lead-edge flap and slat surface in accordance to pilot or flight control computer demands, which improves low speed performance and control characteristics.

  • Entry in  Aerospace • Valves • Fuel Valves 

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    Curtiss-Wright Corp. is a global provider of products for motion control, flow control and metal treatment applications. Products include aviation fuel transfer valves for JP 5 aircraft fuel applications featuring hermetic seals, positive position indication and digital control.

  • Entry in  Aerospace • Valves • Solenoid Valves 

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    Curtiss-Wright Corp. offers aerospace hydraulic solenoid valves. These valves feature strokes ranging from 0.1 to 20mm, power outputs ranging from 4 to 200 lbs, minimal current consumptions, and an exceptional force-to-size ratio.

  • Entry in  Aerospace • Valves • Hydraulic Valves 

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    Curtiss-Wright Corp. offers 2, 3, and 4-way aerospace hydraulic solenoid valves in twin coil, dry, wet, pull, and push type configurations. These valves are capable of complex mechanics involving feedback status, latching, and manual overrides.

  • Entry in  Aerospace • Actuators • Aerospace Rotary Actuators 

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    Curtiss-Wright Corp. offers electromechanical rotary actuators for military and commercial applications. These motors come in a wide range of AC and DC configurations, including: inverted hybrids, permanent magnet, variable reluctance, torque, induction, synchronous, etc. Curtiss-Wright offers the following customized accessories: integrally controlled electronics, brakes, clutches, position sensing, gear-heads, etc.

  • Entry in  Aerospace • Actuators • Aircraft Trim Actuators 

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    Curtiss-Wright Corp. offers commercial jet trim actuators for industrial, defense, and aerospace applications.