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Douloi Automation Inc.

Douloi Automation produces advanced motion control solutions, and provides hardware/software tools that enable clients to rapidly describe machine behavior. Hardware/software products include: MCE Series stand-alone controller hardware, servo application workbench software, programming language software, processing software, multi-tasking software, etc.

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P: 408-735-6942
F: 408-735-6946
3517 Ryder Street
Santa Clara, CA


  • Entry in  Motion Control • Software 

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    Manufacturer of motion software that features Point and Click Windows Based Functionality, Up to 12 Independent or Concurrent Threads, and High Speed Position Capture Tools Available.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Controllers • Motion Control Cards 

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    DMS Motion Server features 4-16 Axes ISA Card Motion Controller, AMD 486DX5 32 Bit Processor Running at 128 MHz, and integrated 48 TTL I/O, Inputs or Outputs Configured in 4 bit Groups.