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    DW Fritz is a Cognex Certified Vision Integrator that provides vision systems and utilize other suppliers and technologies appropriate for the application, such as laser, confocal, mechanical, and others. They can identify parts, measure part characteristics, verify position, or pick and place parts.

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    Assembly Systems

    D.W. Fritz Automation makes custom assembly systems for mid and high volume production needs for consumer goods, medical devices, industrial, and MEMS applications, with micron level precision or a more normal accuracy.

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    DW Fritz designs and builds custom automation systems for medical device, micro electromechanical systems, solar, consumer products, industrial, semiconductor, and OEM manufacturers. The company also performs automation systems integration.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Inspection & Monitoring • Inspection Systems 

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    Inspection systems are used in industrial automated factory production systems to monitor and insure quality control and safety.

    DW Fritz makes robotic inspection systems using several types of robots from SCARA, wafer, industrial, and flexpickers. They will custom engineer to your needs and applications as well as consult on what is best for you.

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    Systems for automated loading and unloading, welding, gantry, machine tending, assembly, dispensing, painting and packaging.

    D.W. Fritz Precision Automation offers robotic integration for robots such as wafer, SCARA, and industrial robots including 3-, 4-, and 6-axis robots.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Automated Production Equipment • Assembly Systems • Medical Assembly Systems 

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    DW Fritz builds automated assembly machines for medical device manufacturers. Machines come in two configurations: Six-Axis automated inspection and high speed syringe assembly. Regulatory requirements include: GAMP-5, FDA 21 CFR pt. 11, CE, UL, CSA, etc. Six-Axis automated inspection systems feature: automated calibration/verification, an accuracy better than two microns, custom GUI operator interface, an ultra-precision robot, Cognex cameras, etc. High speed syringe systems feature a custom touch-sensitive user interface, a light curtain safety system, a throughput of <2 seconds per assembly, etc.