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Emerson Control Techniques

Control Techniques designs and manufactures variable speed drives. Products include PV inverters, AC and DC drives, soft starters, AC and DC motors, servo drives, motion controllers, servo motors, engineered systems and software.

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  • ►  Motors • Induction Motors 

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    Induction motors are alternating current motors that use power supplied to the rotor via electromagnetic induction.

    Emerson Control techniques offers the Leroy Somer line of LS, LSMV and FLS motors.These AC induction motors cover a power range of 0.55 kW to 750 kW. Insulated bearings, various feedback devices, thermal protection methods, and safety brakes are available. An anti-corrosion finish is available that allows the motors to be used in harsh, humid or corrosive environment applications.

  • ►  Motion Control • Drives 

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    Motion control drives change the motion controller's control signal into a voltage or high powered electrical current that is then passed to the actuator.

    Emerson offers a full line of compact servo drives that range in continuous torque from up to 109 lb-in (Digitax ST), to as much as up to 4,500 lb-in (Unidrive). The  Epsilon EP series for example has continuous torque up to 200 lb-in; this drive is scalable from a simple amplifier to a completely programmable 1.5 Axis motion controller.

  • ►  Motion Control • Motion Control Systems 

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    Systems that use some type of hydraulic pump, linear actuator or actuator to control position or velocity of other components.

    Emerson Industrial Automation offers engineered motion control systems services including design, software, manufacturing, communications, printing systems, moveable structures, and more.

  • ►  Motors • High Speed Motors 

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    Motors that operate at a higher than average RPM and can maintain high speeds over prolonged periods of operation.

    Control Techniques is a manufacturer of high speed servo drives and motors. These are a high speed permanent magnet motors for high precision machinery. There are a half dozen models to choose from, including pulse duty, continuous duty, high output, and others. The Digitax ST servo drives (pulse duty) offer a range of 0.72Nm to 18.8Nm, peak 56.4Nm. The Unidrive SP in servo mode is a continuous duty servo drive featuring 0.72Nm - 136Nm. The Epsilon EP is a c ompact 1.5 axis servo drive with 2.2 - 16.0 A rms.

  • ►  Motion Control • Drives • Servo Drives 

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    Emerson is a supplier of motion control products. Products include servo drives for continuous duty applications featuring integrated universal encoder interfaces, high resolution analogue input and servo network compatibility as well as onboard motion and positioning.

  • ►  Motion Control • Drives • AC Drives 

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    Emerson Control Techniques offers AC servo drives in a variety of configurations, including: Digitax ST pulse duty, Epsilon EP compact, Unidrive SP continuous duty, and MDS multi-axis modular. Drives range in rms from 2.2 to 34, and they have 230 and 460 V options available. Selected drives feature: scalable motion control functionality for up to 8 servo axes, high dynamic servo range, compact/easy-to-use drive, applications for continuous duty, etc.

  • ►  Switches • Momentary Contact Switches 

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    Pushbutton & Toggle switches that are used for medical equipment, telescopes, microscopes, machine tool tables & X-Y positioning equipment applications.

    Emerson Industrial Automation offers momentary contact pushbutton switches in single pole, high amperage configurations. Products are suitable for back panel applications.