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  • ►  Factory Automation • Instrumentation • Level Switches 

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    Level Switches

    Fluid Components International manufactures three series of thermal level switches for temperature monitoring, multi-point level monitoring, and other applications associated with industrial process measurement and automation.

  • ►  Switches • Flow Switches 

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    Flow switches, also called vane switches are mechanical switches that can be switched on or off in response to flow of fluid or air.

    Fluid Components International (FCI) use thermal dispersion technology to measure liquid or air flow pressure which drive adjustable-setpoint alarms. The FlexSwitch Series is for process temperature changes up to +/-100 degrees Fahrenheit, and includes insertion and in-line options. The company also offers a universal analyzer flow switch and monitor called the FS10A; it has 0.25" NPT and is compatible with 0.25", 0.375", and 0.5" tube tees, and offers reading accuracy of +/-1% for gases or +/-5% for liquids. Rounding out FCI's products are the two-wire loop NuTec 2000 Series (for non-intrusive, high flow, high purity environments), the RF Series for reverse flow, and the BASIC Series for general purpose and premium flow, as well as temperature monitoring.

  • ►  Switches • Level Switches • Liquid Level Switches 

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    Liquid level switches are operated by the presence of a liquid. When the volume of the liquid reaches a certain point, the switch is activated.

    Fluid Components International LLC designs and manufactures liquid level switches for industrial process measurement and automation-monitoring applications. The three series of liquid level switches feature thermal dispersion technology.

  • ►  Switches • OEM Switches 

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    These are switches that are manufactured and sold in bulk, to the Original Equipment Manufacturer, often at a low cost.

    Fluid Components International manufactures OEM flow switches and OEM level switches. The flow switches feature stainless steel construction and an industrial design with no moving parts and negligible pressure drop. They are used in liquids, gases and slurries; and suited for low flow pump protection, monitoring lube oil, detecting seal leakage, verifying analyzer flow, and monitoring cooling water. The level switches are used to provide point detection in liquid/gas, liquid/liquid, liquid/foam, and foam/gas interface applications.

  • ►  Aerospace • Sensors 

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    Sensors that are used in harsh aerospace and military applications with a no moving part element.

    Fluid Components International develops a line of aerospace sensors including flow sensors, liquid level and interface sensors, pressure sensors, and temperature sensors. All the sensors are used in harsh aerospace and military applications with a no moving part element, and feature temperature services up to 800F and pressures to 5000 psig. Depending on type, the sensors detect level, flow, pressure, or temperature in hydraulic and gearbox oil, coolants, potable water applications, fuel and other fluids.

  • ►  Switches • Level Switches 

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    Electro-mechanical device used to sense the level of media in a container, opening or closing a digital switch to indicate status change.

    Fluid Components International offers level switches and fluid level switches for automation and industrial process management. Switches have applications for: premium level monitoring, general purpose monitoring, flow monitoring, fast response monitoring, multipoint level monitoring, ultra-fast response level monitoring, etc. FLT93S FLexSwitch level switches have operating temperatures ranging from -100°F to +850°F, operating pressures to 3500 PSIG, and an accuracy rating of ±0.25".

  • ►  Switches • Flow Switches • Inline Flow Switches 

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    Fluid Components International offers FS2000L NuTec flow switches with inline sizes range from 0.50-2" and FLT93L Inline Flexswitch flow switches with 0.015-50 cc/sec (0.0009-3 lps). Switches have operating temperatures ranging from -100 to +500°F, input power ratings up to 265 VAC, point accuracy process temperatures up to ±100°F, and operating pressures up to 3500 PSIG. Switch have applications for the following: spray nozzle monitoring, air flow purge monitoring, coolant/lubrication seal leakage, chip manufacturing, bottling, fermentation, pill coating, etc.

  • ►  Switches • Flow Switches • Insertion Flow Switches 

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    Fluid Components International offers insert flow switches for flow and temperature monitoring, including: FLT93S FlexSwitch (insertion type) and FLT93B BASIC FlexSwitch. Switches allow operating pressures to 3500 PSIG, operating temperatures ranging from -100 to +850°F, and a standard 0.75" male NPT flow element. Switches have the following applications: relief valve monitoring, oil well system testing, safety spray nozzle monitoring, drain line flow, cooling water, and pump protection.

  • ►  Switches • Level Switches • Liquid Level Switches • Multi Point Liquid Level Switches 

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    Fluid Components International offers AS-MILLS multipoint liquid level switches for the following applications: gray/potable water, fuel tanks, reservoirs, coolant/heating fluids, and lubricating/hydraulic gearbox oil. These switches have AS9000 and ISO9001 quality system approvals, temperature limits ranging from -65 to +650°F, ±1% full scale repeatability, and pressure ratings up to 2000 PSIG. They are constructed from 316 stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials.

  • ►  Meters • Flow Meters 

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    Flow meters are devices generally used to measure the flow rate of fluids or gases through a conduit.

    Fluid Components International offers ST Series thermal dispersion, GF Series thermal dispersion, and MT Series large line size gas mass flow meters. ST Series thermal dispersion gas flow meters can be installed in line sizes ranging from 2" to 24", and they have the following applications: biomass gasification, livestock/dairy farms, wastewater treatment plant digesters, HVAC duct/damper control, blower/dryer air flow control, wastewater treatment aeration control, etc. These flow sensors feature operating temperatures ranging from 0 to 250°F, operating pressures up to 500 PSIG, turndown ratios ranging from 10:1 to 100:1, and standard reading accuracies to +/-2%.

  • ►  Meters • Mass Flow Meters 

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    Mass flow meters often use heated elements and temperature sensor to measure flow rates of a medium of known heat and density by guaging the static and flowing heat transfer.

    Fluid Components International (FCI) offers Model ST98B-CA compressed air, Model ST98B-AN air/nitrogen, Model ST75/ST75V inline gas, and Model ST50 insertion mass flow meters. Model ST98B-AN air/nitrogen thermal mass flow meters come in pressure ranges from 10 to 50 PSIA, temperature ranges from 40 to 100°F, flow measurement ranges from 1.25 to 125 SFPS, and 100:1 factory set turn-down ratios. Applications include: aeration pond monitoring, air control system optimization, air flow to burner monitoring, etc. These flow meters are CE, ATEX, CENELEC, CNA and FM approved. FCI also offers GF Series thermal dispersion gas and MT Series large line size mass flow meters.

  • ►  Sensors • Flow Sensors • Gas Flow Sensors 

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    Fluid Components International offers gas flow sensors in the following configurations: ST98HP/UP high purity measurement, ST98B-AN air/nitrogen/thermal, ST75/ST75V, ST50 air/compressed air/nitrogen, and ST100 flow/temperature. ST98HP/UP high purity measurement gas flow sensors feature flow ranges from 2.0 to 3183 SCFM, temperature limits up to 850°F, and field adjustable turn-down ratios ranging from 10:1 to 100:1. They have a wide range of applications, including: process flow measurement, scrubber gas discharge, evaporator flow control, pill coater air flow, etc. Fluid Components also supplies GF Series thermal dispersion and MT Series large line size gas flow meters.

  • ►  Sensors • Flow Sensors • Mass Flow Sensors 

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    Fluid Components International offers mass flow meters and custom sensors for OEM applications. Mass flow meters are compatible with pipe diameters ranging from 1/4" to 99", and they have commercial/industrial applications. Custom flow sensors feature ultra low-flow sensitivities, wide turn-downs, no moving parts, and no pressure drops. They have a wide range of applications, including: slurries, gases, liquids, argon, carbon dioxide, natural gas, methane, compressed air, etc.