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FTI Flow Technology Inc.

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Tempe, AZ 85284

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  • ►  Meters • Flow Meters 

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    Flow meters are devices generally used to measure the flow rate of fluids or gases through a conduit.

    FTI Flow Technology, Inc. offers ultrasonic, turbine, positive displacement, and electromagnetic flow meters. SLF 500 ultrasonic flow meters come in temperature ranges from -4 to 140°F, and they fit into industrial pipes ranging from 1" to 12". HS Series turbine flow meters feature +/-0.25% accuracies, +/-0.05% repeatability ratings, and flow rates ranging from 0.03 to 450 GPM. DC-F Series positive displacement flow meters allow viscisities up to 1,000,000 cP+, operational pressures up to 250 PSIG, and turndown ratios up to 1000:1. EL 500 Series magnetic flow meters are IP68 rated, and they are constructed from PTFE, 304/316L SS, hastelloy, and titanium materials. These flow meters have flows ratings ranging from 0.022 to 44 GPM, and they can handle maximum fluid velocities up to 10 m/s.

  • ►  Meters • Ultrasonic Flow Meters 

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    Ultrasonic flow meters measure the difference of the transit time of ultrasonic pulses propagating in and against flow direction of the given medium.

    FTI has ultrasonic flowmeters for a range of systems. The SLF-500 is designed for industrial pipe systems from 1-12 inches, and has an accuracy rating of +/- 2% and can measure temperatures from -4F to 140F.  The SLF-200 is meant for 1-6 inch process lines, with an accuracy rating of +/- 1.5%. The SLF-100 is made for 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 inch PFA tube systems, and have an accuracy of +/- 2%, with temperatures from 50F to 140F. The Micro LF 100 is designed for low-flow systems in either 3mm or 6mm tubes, with an accuracy of +/- 2%, with temperatures from 50F to 158F.


  • ►  Meters • Turbine Flow Meters 

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    Turbine flow meters utilize a rotating turbine to gauge fluid or gas movement speeds.

    FTI Flow Technology, Inc. offers SA Series, HS Series, FTO Series, and FT Series turbine flow meters for sanitary, high shock load, low flow, process, test, and measurement applications. These flow meters have ±0.25% accuracies, repeatability ratings ranging from ±0.05% to ±0.1%, and ±0.1% (100:1) linearity ratings. They can handle pressures up to 30,000 PSI, gas flow rates ranging from 0.0015 to 1,500 ACFM, and liquid flow rates ranging from 0.001 to 1,500 GPM.

  • ►  Meters • Low Flow Flow Meters 

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    Low flow flow meters measure a wide range of liquids with low flow rates, including: pastes, thick oils, liquified gases, diesel oil, light fuel oil, etc.

    FTI Flow Technology, Inc. offers FTO Series low-flow turbine flow meters for a wide range of liquid/gas applications, including: leak detection, aerospace, automotive liquid metering, food package gas purging, pharmaceutical product measurement, blending chemical additives, etc. These flow meters feature liquid flow rates ranging from 0.001 to 2 GPM, +/-0.25% accuracies, pressure limits up to 5,800 PSI, 3" NPT end connections, and repeatability ratings ranging from +/-1 to 2%.

  • ►  Meters • Electromagnetic Flow Meters 

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    Electromagnetic flow meters operate via electromagnetic induction on a conducting fluid in a constantly reversed magnetic field.

    FTI Flow Technology Inc. is a supplier of specialized, high accuracy flow meter products. Flow meters available include battery powered magnetic flow meteres featyring fluid capcity up to 10 m/s, flow range from 1.38 GPM to 18,7779 GPM, line sizes from 1" to 16", ± 0.1% repeatability, carbon or stainless steel enclosured and bi-directional capability.

  • ►  Meters • Positive Displacement Flow Meters 

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    Positive displacement flow meters measure volumetric flow rates via mechanical displacement of meter components.

    FTI offers positive displacement flow meters in five series, including the DC-I for industrial purposes, the DC-E economy model, the DC-F for sanitary use, the HP-I with 3000 psi, and the BL Series featuring 10,000 psi. FTI also offers their Tricklemeter for low flow rates (0.005 - 0.5 gpm).