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Goodman manufactures residential and light commercial air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality products, The company's commercial products include split systems, packaged units, air handlers. Residential products include air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces, packaged units, controls and thermostats, indoor air quality equipment, air handlers and coils, and mini-split systems.

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  • Entry in  HVAC • Air Cleaners, Purifiers 

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    Goodman makes a variety of Air Filtration systems, Air Purifiers, and air purifier products, such as the UVX Ultraviolet Air and Object Purifier, a whole-house high capacity purifier with a high intensity 19mm Quartz lamp that destroys viruses, mold, volatile organic compounds, and bacteria. They also make the GHEPA/GDMHEPA Air Cleaner which eliminates 99.97% of pollutants down to 0.3 micron.

  • Entry in  HVAC • Air Conditioners & Related Products 

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    Goodman manufactures central air conditioner systems for residential and commercial applications. Air conditioner offerings include a variety of residential models, as well as the GSC commercial air conditioner model which features a high-capacity, steel-cased filter dryer, high and low pressure switches and a high-efficiency copper tube/aluminum fin coil. The GSC complies with ASHRAE standard 90.1 specifications and is ARI and ETL certified.

  • Entry in  HVAC • Air Handlers, Exchangers 

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    Goodman's air handler line features variable and multi speeds, low CFM for efficient fan-only operation, improved humidity control and comfort, and performance certified in accordance with the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI).

  • Entry in  HVAC • Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems 

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    Goodman makes residential Heat/Energy Recovery ventilators that meet UL 94 HR requirements and uses washable electrostatic filters, an enthalpy energy recovery core in their ERV or an aluminum heat recovery ventilator core in their HRV.

  • Entry in  HVAC • Furnaces 

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    Goodman manufactures standard and high efficiency gas furnace products. Goodman high efficiency gas furnaces come in multi-position and downflow models, in variable- and multi-speed, ranging from efficiency rating 92.1% AFUE, to 95% AFUE. Goodman's standard efficiency gas burners have an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) of 80%. Standard efficiency gas furnace models come in multi-position or downflow installation, multi-speed options. These gas furnace units have a lifetime limited warranty on the  heat exchanger and a 10-Year limited warranty on all other functional parts. Packaged electric heating/cooling systems are also available.

  • Entry in  HVAC • Heat Pumps 

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    Goodman makes residential heat pumps rated from 13 to 16 SEER, with their top of the line heat pump model rated at 9.5 HSPF using R-410A refrigerant, equipped with a high quality compressor sound blanket and is energy star rated. Their GSH commercial heat pump uses R-22 refrigerant and has a high capacity steel cased filter dryer. HKR Series electric heat kits are also available.

  • Entry in  HVAC • Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers 

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    Goodman offers whole house humidifiers in both bypass and fan powered high-capacity.  This humidifier product line includes 14, 18, and 19 gallons per day models.  Humidifiers come in architectural gray plastic cabinets and are covered by a 1-year warranty.