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Habco, Inc.

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  • ►  Aerospace • Test Stands 

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    Test stands are used for a variety of testing and quality assurance applications for inspecting aircraft parts and systems.

    HABCO has manufactured and installed numerous component test stands designed to test air, oil, fuel and hydraulic components for the aerospace industry. Air flow, blade maintenance, oil flow and hydraulic pressure test stands are all available, amongst others.

  • ►  Aerospace • Aircraft Ground Support Equipment 

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    Airport equipment used to service aircraft between flights and includes facilitating things like ground power and loading operations.

    Habco Inc. manufactures support equipment and test stands for rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft. Support equipment includes portable leakage testers, portable air flow checkers, oil flow testers, vacuum leakage test carts, maintenance cranes, and tire inflation control boxes. The test stands are designed to test air, oil, fuel and hydraulic components including flight surface actuators.