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  • ►  Food Industry • Confectionery Equipment 

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    Equipment used for the production of pastries, candy, or other sweet foods. Processes include tempering, depositing, cutting, laminating, etc.

    As a supplier in the chocolate industry, Hacos provides machinery for the molding, enrobing, depositing, cooling, melting, tempering, and piping of chocolate. Moulding equipment includes automatic, semi-automatic and hand molding models. Depositors are offered with a fill pump, fill drop or one shot technology.

  • ►  Food Industry • Confectionery Equipment • Coating/Enrobing/Laminating Equipment 

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    Coating/Enrobing/Laminating Equipment

    Hacos provides enrobing machines such as its HE 300 compact enrober and ROBY enrober. Specifically designed for chocolate enrobing, the HE 300 is a compact enrober with 300 mm grill, stainless steel construction, touch screen command panel. The ROBY enrober are available in grill widths of 450, 620 or 820 mm for full or  partial enrobing as well as bottoming.

  • ►  Food Industry • Confectionery Equipment • Depositors 

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    Hacos supplies a line of depositing equipment for chocolates. Depositors offered include the RDM mini depositor that fill molds with any cream, SAMM fill pump depositor for chocolate and creams with similar viscosity, STIMM fill drops depositor, MIDRES-9 depositor with 2D movement, and MINOS-9 one shot depositor with 2D movement. MD piston depositors include the MDB depositor on belt, MDEX extruder, MDS depositor into molds, and MDOS one shot depositor.

  • ►  Food Industry • Confectionery Equipment • Tempering Equipment 

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    Tempering Equipment

    Hacos makes batch and continuous chocolate tempering equipment, including an autonomoous continuous tempering machine, with heated vibrating sieve, internal chocolate pump (variable output), space for a cooling compressor (you can purchase this as an option) with capacities from 100 to 1,500kg/hour.