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  • ►  Electrical • Meters & Testers • Clamp Meters 

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    Hioki manufactures clamp meters ranging from 60 Amps to 1500 Amps for AC current and True RMS meters.  Their product line also includes AC/DC meters for two ways and 100-200A.  True RMS rectified leak current meters are also available with load current from 200A-1000A. 

  • ►  Electrical • Meters & Testers • Ground Resistance Testers 

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    Hioki makes the Earth HiTester 3151 with 3-electrode measurement, ground resistance of 10, 100, or 1000 ohm and ground voltage of 30V. It also features open circuit voltage of 50VAC max, measurement current of 15mA AC max, and 575 or 600 Hz measurement frequency.

  • ►  Electrical • Meters & Testers • Insulation Testers 

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    Hioki is a manufacturer of analog and digital insulation testers.  Products feature one, two, three and four ranges, testing voltage ranges from 25 to 1000 V and 200 mA continuity.

  • ►  Electrical • Meters & Testers • Phase & Motor Rotation Detectors 

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    Manufacturer of test equipment for the maintenance of electrical equipment including phase detectors. Two of the phase detector models offer non-metallic contacts for operator safety. The Phase Detector 3129 offers a voltage range of  70 to 600 VAC with a maximum clamp diameter of 17 mm. The Phase Detector 3129-10 offers a voltage range of 70 to 1000 VAC with a maximum clamp diameter of 40mm. The Phase Detector 3126-01 has a metallic clip connection and is designed for 100 to 480 VAC.

  • ►  Electrical • Meters & Testers • Power Analyzers 

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    Hioki's line of power measuring instruments includes products for power quality problems and power supply maintenance, including power quality analyzers, clamp on power testers, DC and AC power line measurers, and production line power testers.

  • ►  Electrical • Meters & Testers • Multimeters 

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    Hioki manufactures digital and analog multimeters for basic and industrial applications. Some products feature a 9999 count display, dust-proof and water-proof construction, and clamp-on probes.