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HPC Gears stocks and manufactures a variety of gear transmission products, including: pulleys, belts, sprockets, chains, bevel gears, worms, wheels, anti-backlash worm-wheels, internal gears, double gears, racks, flexible racks, anti-backlash gears, ratchets, etc.

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    HPC is a manufacturer of spur gears in steel (En32, En24 and En58) and Delrin. Outside diameter ranges of 3 mm to 750 mm, and pitches of 0.25mod to 8mod and 96DP to 4DP are available.

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    HPC is a manufacturer and distributor of worm gears and wheels. Standard worm gear materials are En202 steel and delrin. An outside diameter range of 6mm to 100mm is available with pitches of 64 DP to 6 DP and a pressure angle of 20°.

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    A gear is a rotating machine component with cogs or teeth that mesh with another cog to transmit torque.

    HPC Gears manufactures internal gears, helical gears, gear racks and bevel gears for a broad range of applications. Products include a wide bariety of racks in metric and imperial sizes. Spur racks  are available in steel and up to 2 metres in length. stainless steel and delrin racks are produced with Spur and Helical tooth forms, square and round  sections up to 400mm in length. Alternative materials are available on request. Moulded  Hostaform Racks are available to offer an economical alternative where less torque is  required.

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    Similar to pulleys but instead of smooth surfaces sprockets have teeth that fit into chains, tracks or other perforated materials and rotate to create torque.

    HPC is a manufacturer of gears and sprockets and offers a variety of stock sprockets, metric sprockets and double strand sprockets.